Georgian Antique Locket Earrings Gold Jet Real Seed Pearls c1820’s


Rare Pair of Georgian Antique Locket Earrings Gold Jet Real Seed Pearls c1820’s in good condition.  10ct Gold,  very attractive & genuinely goodt value!


Originally created as fine quality mourning jewellery ,  this extremely rare pair of Georgian Antique Locket Earrings Gold Jet Real Seed Pearls c1820’s have had the photo or locket of hair removed!

** These Seriously Rare near 200 year Old Earrings are Extremely good Value When Compared To Their Market Value **

With what appears to be a piece of fabric having been placed within to add quite an appropriate colourway to the earrings ,  one great aspect to these genuinely rare Victorian earrings being that you can add pretty much any thing of appropriate size to the locket sections!

Being a major positive , easy to do , and providing great options that very few pairs Georgian earrings do!

If you look to the cabochon shaped crystal you will see the gold bezel.    This is where the crystal locket cover is removed.   Once removed the area within is considerably wider than the crystal is ,  as the area under is broader than the opening.

Which allows them to easily hold any item placed within.   A simple piece of  “your choice of fabric” will change the appearance or colourway of these Antique Locket Earrings Gold Jet Seed Pearls c1820’s completely & is a truly fantastic feature!

You can add “electric blue”  ,  Royal Blue ,  pure white , Ivory , black , amber colour Or a piece of amber even …… for that matter ,  a jeweller could easily set a flat cut or even doublet Opal within etc etc.   Pretty much what ever you desire!    Once again ,  it would be Less than 1% of antique earrings ever made would posses this feature!!

Due to the wider interior than it appears ,  a photograph can perfectly be inserted and with the intentional curvature to the crystal  ~  the image will appear larger than it actually is!

The above is easily completed without any negatives whatsoever ,  as that is precisely what these were made for!    To be opened & to change whatever is placed within.  Initially it would have been a lock of a loved one’s hair , plaited / beautifully woven & placed within.
If given to a jeweller ,  there is 5 minutes work!

Perhaps these finely made 10ct Gold Victorian {tests to thereabouts ~ yet guaranteed to be at least 10ct}  earrings may have had photo’s originally ,  as was often the case with pendant lockets.

At approx;  37 mms of hang and with a combined weight of well over 12 grams   ~   these Georgian Antique Locket Earrings Gold Jet Seed Pearls c1820’s are of both good proportions , size and weight.

Original gold hinged shepherds hooks ,  being a welcomed sight on any antique earrings and a feature of Georgian earrings.    The pearls are also particularly white & bright  ~  perhaps indicating that apart from being finest quality genuine pearls ,  they have not been worn a great deal neither. Held firmly in place with typical Georgian crimped manner.   One thing is for certain ,  apart from the real pearls being extremely white & bright   ~   the entire earrings are very well made indeed and without any doubt whatsoever ……….  were made for a women of means.

These genuinely rare earrings would have been very expensive and affordable to something like 2% or 3% of the population when made.
Such beautiful colours and contrasts  ,  with remarkably ,  all pearls still being retained ,  although a cpl of faceted jet are absent though they will never be noticed when worn!

The couple of faceted jet can be inexpensively replaced and if required ,  we should be able to assist to have those added on your behalf.

This is a genuinely rare pair of Georgian Antique Locket Earrings Gold Jet Real Seed Pearls c1820’s ,  that provide options that very very few antique earrings can do!    They are beautifully made , remain in excellent condition & are of a good  ‘goldie locks’  size.

If you would like to  purchase  Or  to ask any questions about this superb pair of Georgian Antique Locket Earrings Gold Jet Real Seed Pearls c1820’s in 10ct gold ,  please email for a same day response.

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