Antique Wedding Band Daisy Diamond Set Yellow ~ White Gold Ring


This Antique Wedding Band Daisy Diamond Set Yellow ~ White Gold Ring is one seriously gorgeous antique ring!   A ‘perfect’ wedding band but you do not need to be married to wear this truly charming & simply gorgeous antique diamond ring!


With this Antique Wedding Band Daisy Diamond Set Yellow ~ White Gold Ring being one of the very best that we have had or sold ,  under au$1,900 !!

If bought as a wedding ring   ~   who would not want a slightly unusual , unique ring that is truly beautiful and laden with charm & character !!??
I know I would if I were getting married ,  again.  lol.

It truly is a gorgeous & so obviously antique ring and one does not need to wear it as a wedding band   ~   as this beauty will wear equally as well as a charming dress ring ,  oozing style , design class yet simplicity!

To give an idea as to how much I rate this beautiful ring ,  “I would buy 100 of of them if the chance ever arose!”

Highly ‘sale-able’  ~  admired or loved by a large % of ladies and a ring that can be worn on whichever finger one chooses  ………….  that is my estimate of this character filled  Antique Wedding Band Daisy Diamond Set Yellow ~ White Gold Ring.

View the numerous images {approx; 16 in total}  that we have provided for you ,  to make an informed decision of this truly beautiful

Set with four diamonds ,  all being bezel set in white gold which provides a beautiful colour contrast and assisting with accentuating the diamonds.
With the four diamonds surrounds being hand engraved with flower petals ,  forming a diamond daisy flower   ~   to my mind ‘makes the ring’  & lifts it above 95% of this general style of ring!

Having a slightly naive aesthetic to the ring ,  due to the just mentioned hand engraved flower petals , again truly  “makes the ring what it is”   ~  as without those ,  it would just be another wide band ring with four nice diamonds.

It is a significant ring in all aspects.
With the band being approx;  6.8  mm’s wide ,  weighing 4.7 grams and with a finger size of  “P.25” in Oz size  Or  “7” in U.S. size.    Though as the ring is so wide ,  it will fit the finger more like a “O.75 or “O.5”  ~  U.S. “7.23”  or “7”.
The ring can be re-sized either way.

Another couple of unusual aspects are that the ring is hallmarked as “solid gold” as per the images ,  whilst it tests to 12ct gold.      Which suggests that this Antique Wedding Band Daisy Diamond Set Yellow ~ White Gold Ring has it’s origins in a southern or central American or perhaps an ‘eastern block’  European nation.

With antique jewellery being made in just about every gold carat grade possible ,  it several countries gold jewellery is regularly made in carat grades that are unknown in Australia.   With one “antique & current”  example being the 19.2ct gold grade that Portugal has used for many many decades!
With one such ring currently being in stock at the time of writing!

The 4 x white gold mounted diamonds have an approx;  .20cts  and as mentioned previously ,  are accentuated by the white gold bezels in which they are set.

This is a truly beautiful , character laden antique ring and whether worn as a wedder or as a special antique dress ring   ~   the  au$1,850 that will buy the ring is a genuinely  ‘under priced’  figure and as we always do  …….  we encourage comparison to any “equal” ring that you may find in-store Or  online in Australia ,  as we are rarely beaten on price!

Whomever purchases this ring will be ‘absolutely over the moon’ when they see it on their hand  ………… it is the best of it’s type / price that I have encountered !!

To purchase or to ask any questions about this character filled ,  12ct ‘solid gold’ Antique Wedding Band Daisy Diamond Set Yellow ~ White Gold Ring set with approx;  .20cts of diamonds   ~   please email and we will promptly reply.