Extremely Rare Australian Antique Cuff links in Bullet form 9ct Gold


Extreme Rarity’s are these Handsome Pair of Australian Antique Cuff links in Bullet form 9ct Gold  ~  One for the Astute collector ,   especially those with a preference for Australian 19th/Early 20thC  Extreme Rarities ……. and there is No doubt about it  ,    these Amazing 9ct gold cuff links genuinely qualify as such!


With these Australian Antique Cuff links in Bullet form 9ct Gold  ~  Hobart Town Antique Jewellery  &  Vintage Watches have unearthed yet another Extreme Rarity!

Just a bit of  ‘a teaser’  at the moment ,  as we need to clean these & do a little more research on them for You.    We can then provide more images & details regarding these extremely rare  Australian made & hallmarked gents Bullet form 9ct gold cuff links.

Us being us ,  we were too keen to share these amazingly rare  &  surprisingly attractive Australian rarities with our regular visitors to wait too much longer to share them with you.

With the further information  and  images of these  “off the rarity scale”  Australian Antique Cuff links in Bullet form 9ct Gold  provided  ASAP ,   we will not keep any interested parties waiting too long.    At over 5 gm’s in weight ,  these are Not super light weights  ~  that only look god from a distance!   Quality , Uniqueness  &  Rare ….. are the 3 first words that come to mind.

Perhaps in the meantime ,   If you have any interest in these amazing cuff links  ,   you could do some  “Google research”  &  compare the quality & price to those Extremely Rare Australian Antique Cuff links in Bullet form 9ct Gold that you may find elsewhere!            Yet  ,    be warned …… you won’t find any to compare too!

At least I couldn’t  &  I strongly doubt that anyone will actually find a comparable pair!    That translates to …..  Extremely Rare ,  at least when combined with a few decades of industry experience  {Yes ,  Before Google was hatched}  tells me that there is every chance that you will Not find another comparable pair of Australian Antique Cuff links Bullets in 9ct Gold  &  fantastic original condition …… anywhere!

I would suggest that these will appeal to several  ‘genre’s of collectors’  with some examples being ,  collectors of Australian made antique jewellery ,  investor’s in Extreme rarities of various forms ,   men that like to own ,  collect or wear the best that there is , full time  gangsters  &  part time hit men ,   men with fine tastes {usually not the former combined} ,  hunters & target shooters alike  &  many more.

Bare in mind with Fine quality , Rare or gemset antique & art deco cuff links …….. it is not uncommon to see them priced in the au$2,000  to  $10,000 range …… & that is Not Australian made antique pairs ……….. which are amongst the rarest that you will find   in this country  &  the most sought after amongst all men’s jewellery by far!    Then ,   add the 2nd  Uber rare feature of being Bullet shaped cuff’s …………. then are yous tarting to get a clear picture of Just how rare this pair of genuine antique gold cuff links are!

Further details  & info added  ASAP  ~  Yet in the mean time ,   if you have any questions regarding these Amazing  Australian Antique Cuff links Bullets in 9ct Gold that are beyond rare ………… please feel free to email for a prompt response.