Bucherer Retro Chronograph 1970’s Blue Dial Original Panda 42mm’s


Genuinely Rare Bucherer Retro Chronograph 1970’s Blue Dial Original Panda at 42mm’s.  A Breitling twin , though much rarer and more valuable!


A Genuinely Rare watch   ~  is this Bucherer Retro Chronograph 1970’s Blue Dial Original Panda 42mm’s  w.o.c. !

See how many other examples of this watch {this exact model} you can find   ~    you will struggle to find just one in mirror image to this one !!

In Excellent , 100% Original condition in every aspect ,  including dial  ~  this Bucherer Retro Chronograph 1970’s Blue Dial Original Panda 42mm’s cased watch has a handsome & detailed Tachymetre dial that also remains in ‘crisp clear’ condition.

With  a 45 minute register this superb Bucherer Retro Chronograph 1970’s Blue Dial Original Panda 42mm  will be an extremely difficult watch to find another ,  identical.

With Bucherer having a totally unique history to any other major brand.   Although they most certainly collaborated with other major companies such as Rolex & others ,    Bucherer are the only major brand watch company to remain in one family’s ownership & stewardship for 3 full generations!!

With the opening of the first Bucherer boutique in Lucerne , Switzerland in 1919 ,  to today  in 2017  ~ Carl F. Bucherer is still in the same family’s hands.

An Amazing history for such a high end watch company having never been ‘bought out’  , never missing a beat for decade after decade & still producing high end watches in 2017 !

In near mint condition , this one presents as though it was made it the past 5 years ,  not c.47 yr’s ago.   With a very ‘healthy weight’  & that ‘quality feel’  to it ,  this watch ticks all the boxes with not the least being quality & value!

All original   from the round pushers ,  through to the dial surface & cool white chrono sweep enhancing the sports appearance of the watch.

Applied st.steel batons hands & markers in fine condition ,  millisecond markers , and even the lume spots are all perfect still.
Red and white tachymeter chapter markings with attractive yet seldom seen “Royal Blue” colourway to the dial.

Large 42 mm solid case in good condition , the Landeron Cal;248 is in Mint condition {as per images}  and is running super strong after just being serviced and is keeping excellent time with all chrono functions operating just as they should!!
Sold with complimentary 6 months service.

If you try to source another Bucherer 45 min chronograph , from the early – mid 1970’s ,  with Landeron 248 with both the movement and dial being in original mint condition  ~  be prepared to have trouble finding too many ,  if any!

When . If you can find any equal Bucherer Chronographs from the late 60’s – early 70’s , with 45 min regsiter , remaining in original mint condition   ~   it is likely to be 30 min chrono’s they you may find.

Even the 30 minute chronographs from the 70’s ,  in fine original condition will be anywhere around aud$4,000 to $6,000.

With the % of 45 minute Bucherer chrono’s ,  from the above decade , on the market to 30 minute chrono’s  is clear cut evidence to validate the fact this Bucherer Retro Chronograph 1970’s Blue Dial Original Panda is a seriously rare model.


So ,  with the 30 minute 1970 Bucherer selling for $4k to $6k and being relatively rare watches   ~   what price is this seriously Rare 45 minute Bucherer ?

I would suggest , going from the above accurate figures ,  that this watch is a  aud$5,250 to $7,500 range watch  ~  using other’s “achieved” & ‘for sale’ prices!

So ,  you do not need to be an accountant to conclude that the aud$3,750 that we have on this excellent example of a Bucherer Retro Chronograph 1970’s Blue Dial Original Panda with very recent full service and 6 months warranty is a genuinely AMAZING Price!!

Yep ,  Lower than what other outlet’s currently are selling ‘equal’ quality 30 minute chronograph’s for!!
We do not always have prices that are 30% lower than “the next best price” ,  we are often 50% Lower!!!!

Check for yourself ,  yet please compare accurately ,  “apples to apples” and you will see that the above examples and values are correct.     {examples provided if required}.

Apart from the rarity aspect ,  it is also a very attractive retro watch  ~   which is also backed up by substance as well !

With the Landeron 248 being in absolute mint condition , just serviced and running like a steam train {without the steam} and at 42 mm’s cannot be considered a small watch by anyone’s standards!

If you would like to either purchase  or  ask any questions about this Bucherer Retro Chronograph 1970’s Blue Dial Original Panda ,  please email and we will respond promptly ,  usually on the same day.