Fine Victorian 14ct Gold Turquoise Pearl Etruscan Revival Earrings


These Authentic & Fine Victorian 14ct Gold Turquoise Pearl Etruscan Revival Earrings have plenty of age , being around 160 years old & even more style! Especially at au$2,550 being near Half of some Sydney & Melbourne shops!
*** ALL PRICES  In  AU$’s ***


With these authentic & Fine Victorian 14ct Gold Turquoise Pearl Etruscan Revival Earrings  requiring a capital  Q  for Quality  ~  they are also 100% genuine antique earrings & not converted from another piece of jewellery ,  as so many on the market today have been!
At au$2,550  ~  I can understand some thinking that these May be of lesser quality or ‘made up’  ~  IF you have been viewing other fine antique earrings on sites in Sydney , Melbourne , Brisbane etc  and seen the prices that You must pay to purchase fine quality antique earrings.

Yet we guarantee via a 100% money back guarantee {as we do on All stock} that these are exactly as described here!

With the ever increasing rarity & of course values of fine Quality genuine antique earrings in the 21stC   ~   the fakes , converters & straight out forgers abound.

Fear not with these  Fine Victorian 14ct Gold Turquoise Pearl Etruscan Revival Earrings   ~   as they are 100% ‘spot on’  &  date to the mid 1800’s   ~   c.1850.

They are very well made ,  have very good weight & remain ,  some 160 year later  ~  in excellent condition!    At around 2.5 inches /  62 mms in length  and  over 7.2 grams in weight  ~  these Fine Victorian 14ct Gold Turquoise Pearl Etruscan Revival Earrings are  Quality all the way through!

***** COMMENT ON PRICING:~   {skip if not interested in some facts re-over priced City shops & how to save Serious money on One Item}

After opening my first antiques retail shop in 1983 & having dealt in possibly the widest genre’s  of antiques , vintage & collectables of any dealer in Australia in the past 34 years   ~   there is not too much that I haven’t seen , heard or been a party too over those 3.5 decades in regards to the industry.    One thing that became crystal clear to me within a few years of being involved with some of the “larger nationally recognized” dealers in Oz   ~  was that “they” were charging ,  and obtaining ,  100% 200% & 300% More than Johnny Bloggs 2k’s away   ~   for the exact same or equal piece.

That F.A.C.T.  has not changed at all in 2016.      With the only caveat I would add would be that the ‘auction’  houses have become retail shops , without the ‘retail service’ & often at much higher prices than one can buy the same item for …   2k’s away in a RETAIL SHOP.      Why is that so?

I believe people , some people ,  are like moths ….. they get attracted to “the bright lights”  &  pizazz of  ‘flashy upmarket shops’ with the beautiful staff , the beautiful stock & the Horrible prices.   Yet quite often the ‘beautiful stock’  is No better than johnny bloggs shop 2k’s away ……. same items can be found , perhaps a lesser range but fine individual items just the same >>>> yet the flashy $5,500 ring ,  is in fact  >>>>>> 2k’s away at Johnny Bloggs shop  $2,950!

Is it Really worth $2,500 to be served by “beautiful staff”  with that beautiful smile  ~  to purchase the Same item , with the Same guarantees {if not Better ethics/guarantees at young Johnny’s} , same if not better , Less pretentious service the “Leon Upmarkets” …. for the same item & $2,550 left in your purse or that Isn’t swelling the girth of Your credit card …….   >>>>>>>>>>>>> . TAXI  ……. take me to Johnny Bloggs shop please driver ,  it’s only 2k’s away!

>>>>>>  take the time to find those shops  &  YOU  Will save Serious money  …….  on just One purchase!
With THIS SITE ,   THE HOME OF HOBART TOWN ANTIQUE JEWELLERY & VINTAGE WATCHES   >>>>>>>>  being one such shop!   *****  Tell it Like It Is ?????    Why stop now!!?  lol.

With Natural turquoise & seed pearl flower heads to the beautifully designed & significant sized Etruscan revival 14ct gold charmers.   Of good size & proportions  ~  with a beautiful antique aesthetic’   ~   these Fine Victorian 14ct Gold Turquoise Pearl Etruscan Revival Earrings are stunningly beautiful earrings & guaranteed to be precisely as described  &  not made up from something else.  They remain in excellent Original condition , {which is rare in itself in 2016} with only the slightest signs of use.   Not too bad for approx; 150 years!!

These are fine quality , authentic 19thC earrings ,  that were made for a very wealthy lady of the day as there was but a very small percentage of women who were able to afford these when the were made.   Although those that could afford them ,  bought more than what most 10 women of today would own!

Once again   >>>>>  we ask any interested parties to compare the price of these beautiful antique earrings to genuinely comparable 14ct gold earrings in any Australian capital city   ~   by copying & pasting our heading , into Google  ~  then add a city’s name ,   I.E.  ” Fine Victorian 14ct Gold Turquoise Pearl Etruscan Revival Earrings Sydney ”  and compare away.

View the numerous images , with about 5 different coloured backgrounds ~ with No ‘trick photography & computer generated backgrounds here’ that we have provided for you and you will be able to get a ‘crystal clear’ understanding of the earrings and therefore You can make a fully informed decision!

These really are stunning & Fine Victorian 14ct Gold Turquoise Pearl Etruscan Revival Earrings that remain in excellent condition  & as we have already stated yet will do so again  >>>>>> IF you have any interest in these beautiful genuine antique earrings   ~   please take the time to compare what You will pay in pretty much any shop or website in any Capital City in Oz  >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Once you have done so & you have seen that we are anywhere from au$1000 to $2,000 below the above mentioned outlets   ~   please feel free to ask any questions that you may have about these Fine Victorian 14ct Gold Turquoise Pearl Etruscan Revival Earrings and we will respond promptly ,  as I would genuinely not be surprised if these beautiful antique earrings did not last too long on the market ,  not at au$2,550 with express delivery included!