Rare Omega 1940’s Black & White Dial 30T2 Military U.S. Army Ref;2179

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 Yet Another Rare Vintage Omega  from Hobart Town Antique Jewellery & Vintage Watches … with this Exceptionally Rare Omega 1940’s Black & White Dial 30T2 Military Watch with Original Dial.  An excellent example of a highly sought model!!

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This Genuinely Rare Omega 1940’s Black & White Dial 30T2 Military U.S. Army Ref;2179 in All Original Condition is another one for the  “serious collectors”   ~    Or  Investors.


As I have said a few times this year on our website ,   Try & find another one!     On this occasion you may indeed find another ,   yet I doubt that you will find too many that are both as original as this & in the same condition as this one!
They do exist ,  but try and find one in better condition than this one!

This one deserves a Big rapp  &  that’s what it will get !

This is a genuine vintage Icon  &  has been regarded as such for decades!   The black & ivory dial is the rarest & most keenly sought & collected the world over!

Even though these ww2 30T2’s can be found fairly easily  ,  they are very rarely found with this black & white dial &  Ref;2179 case  ~  with such a great original dial.

Many of the “watch forum experts”  state , incorrectly ,  that the only watches made for the U.S. army where those stamped to the rear case.       Like soo much of what gets spewed forth as fact in “watch foolems…… oop’s ,  watch forums”   ~   when that fact is by no means a fact at all.

If one researches the month & year that the One batch of this model {not dial but general model , with some variations in dial format} arrived in the U.S.  {Hawaii from memory}  one will notice that the consignment of watches arrives on U.S. shores some 3 or 4 months {if that}  before the end of what most would call ww2.
{Although the Jap’s wouldn’t realise the end was nigh & kept things going for a while}.
In short ,  not all watches sent to U.S. armed forces were stamped to case back ~  as that was done in the U.S.  ~  Not by Omega!

Take a click & see what the maker of the watch has to say  >>>

The watch above {link} is identical to the white dial version of the same model ,  that  we also have at the time of writing /  this exceptional black/ white trimmed dial and also the same white dial watch referred too in the Omega website above both rarities  available at the same time!!

This Seriously Rare Omega 1940’s Black & White Dial 30T2 Military U.S. Army Ref;2179 in All Original Condition is one of two watches with the same ref;# that we are fortunate to currently have.     The other being a white or ivory dial & also in 100% spot on original condition ,  as mentioned above.

Without Any exaggeration at all ,  both watches are outstanding pieces  &  a cut or three above most seen {of this model} !!

BOTH WATCHES  are Genuine Investment Grade Watches   ~   And I have No hesitation in stating that what so ever  &  one only has to research the continuous climb in values that this model or the white dialed ‘same model’  has achieved pretty much since vintage wristwatch collecting started in the 1980’s!!

This watch , in 10 years time …… c2027  ~  will , in my opinion ,  cost you around au$8,000  ~  $10,000 to buy THIS watch & it’s colleague with ivory dial !!!
Sounds rich??   I suggest that you check what these could be bought for in 1997 ……

With a jet black dial & narrow ,  ivory white ,  outer chapter ring for the centre seconds sweep ,   which at this stage having only been a  ‘very recent addition’  {with all watches previously having a sub seconds dial} to the Omega armoury of watch movements with this 30T2sc pc.

This is one Handsome  & Seriously Rare    Ω    1940’s  Icon and to be frank ……………. I believe this would sell for au$5,000 ~ $6,000 in “upmarket” galleries in most major cities throughout the world!

Run of the mill 18ct Omega’s often sell for au$3k+   ~  with $100 worth of gold value.
This watch ,  when compared to the above mentioned “basic 18ct Omega” , Should sell for Triple the price of the 18ct ‘basic Omega’.
We have not priced this watch at what we believe is it’s true value , by any means.

With the dial featuring the highly sought after  ‘dancing numerals’  ~  with the  2,  3  , 9 ,  10  &  12  numerals having their tops facing the outer chapter ring  and the 4 , 5 ,  6 , 7  &  8 having their bottom edge facing the outer chapter ring ….. whilst the  1  &  11  are happy either way.        A  design aesthetic that has a very considerable bearing on the appearance of a watch!      It is without doubt my personal favourite Arabic numeral dial design ,   with it being a toss up between some dials with Roman numerals …… as per a few that we have recently listed.

PLEASE bare in mind that the images  shown here of the movement / watch  were taken Before the movement was cleaned / serviced!    It will present better once properly cleaned.     We will also be including our standard 6 months Free warranty ,   to give all of our customers peace of mind  &  security with their purchase of any vintage watch.

This is an extremely handsome ,  100% spot on , 1940’s super Rare Omega 30T2 U.S. Army with Black dial & ivory outer chapter ring is an absolute “textbook watch”  &  worthy of gracing the very best collections of fine & rare vintage Omega watches !    Without any exaggeration what so ever !!

These  30T2’s  are widely regarded as one of the very best commercially in-house  manual wind movements ever made ,   by any watch company in the world  &  If serviced  &  regulated correctly ………… they will not only keep very accurate time …… they will continue to do so for month after month ,   year after year  &  just keep on keeping on!

This one presents considerably better in person ,  compared to the images ……. and is guaranteed to do so!    Any white spots or similar to the dial is reflection only!

If you would like to ask any questions regarding this classic 1940’s Military U.S. Army black & white dial ,  30T2scpc movement with  34 mm solid st.steel cased watch ,   please do so via email  &  we will respond promptly  >>>>>>>>>>>

Being in All Original Condition & being a truly special example of a genuinely Iconic vintage Omega watch  &  holds a special place in Omega & general wristwatch horology history
Being offered at a genuinely Great price  ,  especially now we have reduced the watch to  au$2,975 !!