Omega St.Steel Case Gold Lugs Bumper Auto Cal;351 Ref;2597 c1951

$3,145.00 $2,875.00

This seriously attractive & extremely rare  Omega St.Steel Case Gold Lugs Bumper Auto Cal;351 Ref;2597 c1951  is one that you will more than likely never see again!  A stunningly handsome & genuinely rare watch!


W.O.W.  What a Seriously Rare &  Amazingly Handsome Omega St.Steel Case Gold Lugs Bumper Auto Cal;351 Ref;2597 c1951 this remarkable  Ω   is  ……  not to mention dripping with style &  class !

With another great opportunity for me to roll out one of my favourite lines ……..  Try & find another one.    Just One!

The condition of the dial for starters , though not the main feature & not the aspect that the above line warrants ,  the dial must be commented on straight up     ~~     It is exceptional.

Restrained Style  &  Obvious Class!     Two tone ,  white & Ivory!   With minimal & I do mean minimal aging of the dial.    Literally a strong 9.9 out of ten ,   not too many dials from 1951 will be given such a rating from me!

View the numerous images , some 21 or so,  to get an excellent insight into every aspect of this genuinely rare & stunning vintage Omega!
We “genuinely value our customers” to the extent that we will spend 2 hours taking, editing , multiple tagging & uploading stacks & stacks of clear images for them.

Rather than provide only 2 or 3 pic’s of a watch ,  as most outlets in Australia do ,  we would rather “do it better for our customers”  & provide the best service we possibly can!

This stunner may have been a custom order  or one of an order of a  s’mall  run custom watches’  ordered/requested by a retailer / jeweller.

With that aspect not being as uncommon as some may think!

Several jewellers /  jewellery stores had very good relationships with Omega throughout various points of the 20thC  &  it is not that rare to come across vintage watches that have a “second brand”  or  dealers / jewellery stores brand name on the dial , along with Omega.

We currently have 2 or 3 watches with Meister or Turler as ‘second brands’ on the Omega dials.   Two of Europe’s leading jewellers with both being established in the 19thC.    Yet more importantly they were able to request some changes or specific form of dial configuration &/or case aspect etc.

I believe that the above is the most likely scenario behind the extreme rarity of this amazing Omega St.Steel Case Gold Lugs Bumper Auto Cal;351 Ref;2597 c1951   ~   the other is the possibility of being a prototype designed as such & not released to the public.    Though I doubt that is the case with this one!   {Yep, pun intended}.

One thing that I can state with absolute certainty about this Omega St.Steel Case Gold Lugs Bumper Auto Cal;351 Ref;2597 c1951 is the fact that this is a seriously rare Original Omega & is a stunningly handsome watch whenon a wrist!!
{or sitting on the table or any where else for that matter}.

The beautiful elongated tear drop shape lug’s  {gold filled over brass}  add’s  significantly to the overall beauty of the watch & look so much better in a gold colourway such as these.   With around half a dozen clear cut design elements brought together on this cracking Omega ……. I am starting to wonder why I am even selling it!!!

That Killer dial is set with applied/riveted Gold spear point markers at the 1, 2 , 4 ,5 , 7 , 8 , 10 & 11  ~  with just the One Arabic numeral … being in the attractive art deco font ,   12   to the dial.
With riveted gold dot markers to the remaining  3 , 6  &  9    ~    with Gold hands ….. combine to provide an amazing contrast !!

The lugs are most unusual ,  apart from being attached to a st.steel case ,  as they are gold filled over brass!   A very seldom seen feature.   Perhaps due to the experimental nature of the watch.

Dating to 1951 ,  in the spectrum of  “the best 20 years of wristwatch design brilliance”     ~       being 1935 ~ 1955  ,   with that being solely my opinion & even though “not recorded fact”  there are many that would agree , loosely ,  with the above years / period.

An extremely handsome watch in all respects  & Rare beyond rare ,  to the extent that ,  as mentioned above ,  I nor my watchmaker colleague have never seen nor heard of this  very appealing  Omega gents model previously.

A good vintage size of approx;  34.5mm  w.o.c.    ~      this seriously rare Omega St.Steel Case Gold Lugs Bumper Auto Cal;351 Ref;2597 c1951  has got it All going for it!!       And with this handsome  Ω  being powered by their Iconic  ‘in house  bumper automatic’   movement ,  being their Cal;351 17 jewel ,   it is yet another  ‘Positive Tick’  that this watch gets.

The broad st.steel bezel also is not common & once again add’s to the overall aesthetic!      Millisecond markers to the outer chapter ring almost gives this a ‘medical tilt’.

There is some minor wear through with the gold filled lugs yet this is visible under magnification ,  not when on a wrist!

From that Killer dial ,  to that amazing case!     To the logoed crown ,   to the 351 bumper auto that powers the watch   ~   to the Omega logoed buckle to the original vintage leather Omega strap …….. this one truly does have it All going for it!
Not the “Omega straps” available on the market today but an original 50’s leather Omega strap & buckle ! {often selling for aud$250  ~  $300 when available}.

Of course the main two factors are beyond doubt as to rarity ….. with one being that amazing & uber rare st.steel & gold lugged case  &  of course #2  being the complete originality of the piece …….. which was in a  ‘close photo finish’ with the Killer dial as to “who came second”.
Not true actually ,  as the rarity of the case beats the condition of the dial hands down …….  and that’s with the handsome dial being so close to mint {slight staining to very edge around 2/3}.

The aesthetics are exceptional ,  the watch  truly radiates Style , Class & Vintage    ~    and I can honestly say that it is one of the very best looking Omega watches from the 40’s & 50’s that I have ever seen!!
Yes ,  it Is that good  ~  to my tastes ,  it certainly is!

The fact that it still retains it’s Original Omega leather strap with Original  Ω   buckle & with both being in such beautifully preserved condition   ~  if you are starting to think that this one is a little bit special ,  you are well & truly on the right track!

This standard of “originality/completeness , condition & rarity” {with 65 yr old leather strap & logoed buckle}  …… in a watch is a very very small % of vintage watches on the market today!

Make no mistake about it   ~   this watch is exceptional in appearance & exceptionally rare & many “international capital city shops” would have another 30 to 50% on top of our selling price!!

This Amazing  &  Seriously Rare Omega 1940’s St.Steel Case Gold Lugs Bumper Auto is on the market now   &   at a price that I believe is definitely undervalued for the combination of extreme rarity , superb condition & design excellence!!
All combined into one perfect vintage   Ω   watch ,  c1951.

If you would like to purchase this exceptional 65+ year old Omega  Or  If you have any questions please ,  email for a prompt response.