Stunning Australian Large Black Opal Gold Antique ~ Vintage Ring


What a Stunning Australian Large Black Opal Gold Antique ~ Vintage Ring this one is!  Large Oz Opal ,  full of spectrum of Colour ,  with zero dead spots and Amazing Fire!


This Stunning Australian Large Black Opal Gold Antique ~ Vintage Ring is a real eye catcher!

I would class this amazing opal as a cross between a ‘palette pattern’ & a Harlequin pattern.

Having exceptional colour and fragmentation/patterning with the fire being something to behold!
This is one seriously good Australian black opal and is one that is hard to take your eye’s away from ……….. almost like a kaleidoscope !

Made in Europe ,  more than likely Germany ,  this 1950’s stunner is set in 8ct gold which was predominantly used in Germany.
This s a good example of post war trade ,  as the opal would have been imported from Oz   ~   with the ring being created in Germany and remaining there until  the last few days of 2016.   Until purchased by one of our Europe based contacts and sold direct to us ,  then imported into Australia ,   Hobart Town to be precise.

With the gemstone returning to it’s country of origin ,  some 65 years after leaving our shores & now being offered to the Australian public by Hobart Town Antique Jewellery!

The opal  “doe’s All of the talking”  with this ring!
At 13 mm’s in length  x  10 width  ~ there is nothing small about this superior quality opal.
Being regarded as the most difficult of all gemstones to accurately photograph   ~   this  Stunning Australian Large Black Opal Gold Antique ~ Vintage Ring did not challenge that fact at all.

I have lost cont of the number of photo’s I have taken to end up with these ‘very ordinary’ images but it would be around 100 !!  Inside , outside , on the leather seat of my car ,  on the floor of my car!

So ,  I ask you to “just focus on the colour & amount of colour” throughout this beautiful Oz opal ,  as I guarantee whomever purchases this beautiful ring will be very impressed with the full colour spectrum , amount of colour , size of the opal and of course the sheer beauty of the piece !!

The 333 gold setting has slight swirled shoulders with the ring being designed to “let the gemstone do all the talking” ,  being bezel set and a high set cabochon cut Australian Black Opal   ~  allowing more light into the gem and therefore more colour and fire   ~   which is one aspect behind the intense colour and fire that this opal shows.

Without any exaggeration at all ,  you will see vintage solitaire set opal rings with the same quality / size opal ,  yet a different mount for sale for au$6,000 to $15,000+ !!
If you doubt that ,  use Google to see for yourself.

Although it is easy to think going from the price that this Stunning Australian Large Black Opal Gold Antique ~ Vintage Ring  possesses a doublet or triplet and not a full Oz Black Opal   ~  yet that is not the case at all ,  the opal is a full opal with the colour and patterning clearly visible from the rear and as the gemstones sides/edges also validate.

A large ring in all aspects ,  being a finger size of  “S”  meaning it will fit some men and can be re-sized either way as well.   Weighing a solid 3.7 grams with the Oz Black being 13  x  10 mm’s ………… this is one standout uni sex ring!

If you would like to purchase this exceptional & Stunning Australian Large Black Opal Gold Antique ~ Vintage Ring with harlequin / palette pattern  to the 13  x  10 mm Australian Black Opal  Or ask any questions   ~   please email for a prompt response.
Yet at this genuinely great price ,  with the opal being worth more than the total piece ,  I would not wait for too long  …….  not at au$2,250 !