Art Deco Mappin & Webb Guilloche Enamel Jade Marcasite Case


This Superb Art Deco Mappin & Webb Guilloche Enamel Jade & Marcasite Case is an amazing piece!    Second in standard to only the world’s very best ~ Faberge’.  Black & White Art Deco enameled case’s & similar small pieces are extremely sought after & this genuine rarity warrants serious consideration!


This Superb Art Deco Mappin & Webb Guilloche Enamel Jade Marcasite Case is a Classic Art Deco piece  &  so indicative of it’s era in so many ways & such a stunning piece to handle!

An absolutely stunning piece when viewed & handled in person ,  this is one piece that if you like it in photo’s ………….. you will be  ‘bowled over’  when viewed  &  handled in person!

You will find the same carved jade with a basic gold frame in the form of a brooch or pendant ,  from the same date ,  selling for aud$1,500 ~ $2,000 & above.

This jewel crowned Mappin & Webb beautifully enameled case  is a rare & highly collectible “Art Deco Black & White Enameled”  case being offered at a seriously good price!!
It remains in excellent condition throughout with the enamel top being especially fine & beautiful.

Is this Art Deco Mappin & Webb Guilloche Enamel Jade Marcasite Case Rare ??
Try & find One more ,  just one!

Being one of the most collected genres’ of  ‘small items’   ~   Fine enamel work is one of the most beautiful crafts known to mankind ,   in my opinion at least.

With this current listing being a ‘teaser only’  ~  with more details ,  & of course images ,   added to the listing shortly  ~  I was keen to share this exceptional piece of art deco decorative arts  with all of our regular visitors ASAP.

Featuring a jet black surrounds covered with a translucent enamel ,  with a superbly patterned engine turned guilloche enamel lid ,   centered with a quality hand carved Chinese jade medallion with marcasite highlights!      A thing of true beauty  &  a fine example of mankind’s ingenuity & quest to create beautiful , complicated  &  challenging treasures.

Keenly & widely sought , though on only five continents ,  almost all ‘small cases’  decorated in fine enamel work with gemstones & similar ,  are not only one of the most popular areas / genres’ of collecting   ~   they can be some of the most amazingly beautiful ‘small items’  made within the last 300 years!

In saying  ‘small cases’  ,  I refer to pretty much all small cases , from lady’s compacts & lipstick cases to cigarette cases , card cases  &  basically any such case for any use at all ………….. you name  ~  it was made in fine enamel work ,  as long as it was a  ‘small case or box’.

At just under 40 cm’s in width ,  this  Rare  &  Superb Art Deco Mappin & Webb Guilloche Enamel Jade Marcasite Case is a standout collectors piece  &  remains in excellent condition ………. therefore making it an astute gift for the lady with class that benefits your life sir ……… Or if this is being read by that stylish lady herself ,  this is The One that ‘He’ should  be shown ladies ………. it is a standout Art Deco piece  & the sort of item that will always be in demand!

This Mappin & Webb Guilloche Enamel Jade & Marcasite Case ,  dating to 1933 from Birmingham  is nothing short of outstanding!

Mappin & Webb were both makers & retailers of ultra fine quality English boxes & many forms of what are now referred to as decorative art’s.
On the same or similar page to Asprey’s of London ,  Tiffany’s of New York {although the latter did not made items yet acted as suppliers to the rich & famous & infamous}

Someone hard to buy for ??
This stunning piece can be used for ‘calling cards’ / business cards  Or any smallish items that need to be kept together safely & of course  ~  Stylishly !!

If you would like to ask any questions regarding this exceptional , rare & tactile Art Deco Mappin & Webb Guilloche Enamel Jade Marcasite Case   ,  please email for a prompt response.