Legals, Terms and Conditions

Here are the legals, terms and conditions for Hobart Town Antique Jewellery:

1) Regarding all weights, dimensions and sizes etc – all are approximate.

We do not guarantee that all measurements, weights or sizes are exact.
All are of an approximate nature yet will always be within acceptable variations, to ‘the majority of fair minded people’.

2) All stated dates or circa’s are approximate.

The nature of dating antiques and vintage items is not an exact science – therefore all dates / periods / circa’s are as close as possible and are determined via our in depth knowledge and extensive experience.

We take great effort and care to ensure that we are as close as possible when stating dates, ages and periods of all items that we sell.

3) Any deposits paid with agreed time frame’s attached , are non refundable if agreed time frames are not adhered too.

If no time frames are stated or discussed, a period of 3 calendar months applies to all deposits paid on any item/s & deposits then forfeited.

4) All price reductions / discounts offered are valid for 48 hours only!

If we have provided you with a price reduction / discount we would politely anticipate the courtesy of your replying.

5) Guarantees

We are proud to offer all clients a money back guarantee on all purchases and statements made, regarding all items sold.

Our guarantee basically assures all clients that the item/s purchased are guaranteed to be  what they are stated to be.

A)  what we state they are – for example … “an omega vintage gold filled watch, c1960 in working order.” … will be an omega watch, made close to 1960, will be made from a gold filled casing and will be in working order! In this case, that is exactly what is guaranteed.

B) of the age/s that we state they are, within normal accepted boundaries / variations regarding dates / periods etc. of the materials stated, i.e gold, oak, etc.

C) All offers that we may put to a client are valid for a 24 hour period only – from the date and time of the offer being made.
If we state that “you may have that item for $1,200” – that offer / price is withdrawn, if not accepted, after 24 hours has expired from the time of making the price offer to that person.

D) ALL warranties pertaining to watches are VOIDED if worked on or opened by any other watchmaker, without our express permission in writing first.
If a watch is in need of attention, it MUST be returned to us, NOT another watchmaker!

As above ALL WATCHES MUST be returned to us if there are any issues with the watch or its performance.
We are more than happy to rectify same (if within the written warranty times frames and conditions stated).
YET if for ANY reason THE WATCH  is worked on, back opened or the movement touched by Any other watchmaker the warranty initially supplied by us is then voided.


If you would like clarification on any point, please feel free to email us, as we are always happy to assist, polite, respectful customers.


We are known as giving unequalled customer service, doing things for clients that we are constantly told that NO other shop of a similar nature would ever provide.


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