Antiques & Collectors Pieces - Small Pieces of Fine Quality

Antiques and Collectors Pieces – Small Pieces of Fine Quality and Interesting in Nature!

Once upon a time, in another life, ‘Hobart Town’ specialised in Fine Quality Decorative Art’s in a substantial way.
Providing Australia with an unsurpassed selection of 18th & 19th Century antiques boxes of all genres to both the Australian & International markets.   

That is certainly one area of Deco Art that we still totally enjoy and as a result we will, still, offer an occasional antique box of special merit to the market. 

As well as pretty much any fine quality and/or unusual/interesting small antique/vintage piece may be found at Hobart Town Antique Jewellery & Vintage Watches.
We will only hold small quantities of the above, yet it may certainly pay to pop in from time to time and check to see just what ‘little gems’ we may have unearthed for you!

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