Vintage Retro Favre Leuba Moon Raider Orange Silver 1970’s


This Vintage Retro Favre Leuba Moon Raider Orange Silver 1970’s Gents watch is something special.  Fiberglass back , crown at 4 , Asymmetrical case &  day date Orange & Silver dial with graduated orange outer chapter ring  ~  this is one Unique & uber cool wristwatch!


What a stunning watch this Vintage Retro Favre Leuba Moon Raider Orange Silver 1970’s is!   Or Red / Orange as opinions may vary.

Retro in the extreme ……….  Yet made by a 200++ year old watch company   ~   What a Great combination!

All original ,  including dial , fiberglass case back & Quality Favre Lueba stainless steel bracelet  ~  this is one unique wristwatch!

Not a common watch by any means , some would say genuinely rare ,   yet with the vast majority that do pop up on the market every other year , being either blue dials with day only or blue dial with day date  ~  perhaps as much as 95% or more coming in one of the above two forms.

This bright orange , day date with tapered chapter ring is the rarest & without doubt the most attractive dial design that this avant garde design came in.

Such an ultra cool design ,  with the crown at 4 , Asymmetrical large sized case , raised triangular bezel , tapered chapter ring & of course that great Orange/Red and Silver original dial.

This is an eye catching , standout Vintage Retro Favre Leuba Moon Raider Orange Silver 1970’s gents watch & one that I have No doubt will continue to attract great and increasing interest with prices changing accordingly.

This has got to be a true “Mad Men”  watch !!
View the 18 or 19 images that we have provided for you ,  along with a detailed description …….. so you can make a genuinely informed decision on this  A~mazing watch!

Baton style tritium-coated steel hands , clear crisp dial ,  mint gilt Cal. 1134  21 jewel movement ,  straight line lever escapement, mono metallic balance, shock – absorber , self-compensating flat balance-spring, st.steel case with fiberglass back.

Signed in 4 places , being dial , case back , movement & “hour glass” crown ….. this Vintage Retro Favre Leuba Moon Raider Orange Silver 1970’s gents watch is a good sized watch at  40 mms wide w.o.c.  and covers plenty of wrist and if anything ,  it may appear larger than it is  ~  due to the unusual case shape.

Dating to approx; 1972 this handsome watch was designed and made to keep up with the cool yet changing times of the early 1970’s and targeted at the hipsters of the day.
Watch designs {& movements forms} were changing at a rate of knot’s during this point in time {of course the quartz crisis was exploding then}  and many good watches of various forms ,  often had far too short of a run / production numbers ,  though that has had the result of having several highly sort after quality rarities in the 21stC   ~   Such as this Stunning Vintage Retro Favre Leuba Moon Raider Orange Silver 1970’s with day date & original st.steel Favre Lueba bracelet.

Favre Lueba have been creating fine Quality watches for around 300 years   ~   not what you would call “fly by nighters”   Or  manufactures of poor quality watches ,  not to last 300yr’s.
Though in saying that ,  the quality of their watches went dramatically south in regards to most models from the 1980’s on wards with a change of manufacturer & owners!
Most but not all ,  slightly complicated ??  Yes.

Like most things in the world of vintage watches ,  it is complicated as to when/why the quality deteriorated yet has No bearing on this stunning Vintage Retro Favre Leuba Moon Raider Orange Silver 1970’s day date gents watch!

This is a stunning watch ,  a unique watch , a super cool retro watch and one that will most certainly increase in value over the coming years ,  of that I have No doubt!

Apart from a Very minor graze to the lower left ‘corner’  and equally invisible graze at the right hand pointy end …. above the crown   ~  it would not be hard to believe that the watch had never been worn  …………..  the bracelet and clasp are mint!

To purchase or ask any questions about this stunning Silver & Orange Favre Leuba Moon Raider  ……  please email and we will respond promptly.