3 Stone Amethyst & 9ct Gold Ring

A Large & Very Attractive 3 Stone Amethyst & 9ct Gold Ring  in great condition & set with fine stones.

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A Very Appealing 3 Stone Amethyst & 9ct Gold Ring in GR8 condition.


An unusual design with the 2 outer stones being mounted to their side – with the larger center stone being set on a 90 degree angle to the side stones…………… very unusual with cabochon cut stones , yet Very effective

This 3 Stone Amethyst & 9ct Gold Ring  has a nice contrast to the Amethyst colours of the stones against the yellow gold & looks fantastic indeed.

In some photo’s it appears that the stones of a different shade to each other.   This is Not the case!   It is Solely a matter of picking up the light differently due the angle of the stones & light.  I have taken 2 photo’s which are , at first glance , the same……….if you look closer , you will see that one pic shows the ring turned at about 2 mm’s or 1/8th of an inch  …….  You will see that there is a Significantly different shade in the “furthest stone” from 1 image to the other.

That is Solely that the stone is at a Slightly different angle ….. therefore it is picking up more/less light ……. making it appear darker or lighter!     So, even when on hand & wearing it …… it will change colour significantly & it looks GR8 when doing so!

This  3 Stone Amethyst & 9ct Gold Ring  was a custom order , made at the beginning of the new Millennium.     A ring that , in my opinion , would Not suite a very slight woman , Needing  a more average sized lady due the width of the setting being quite large.

Priced to ‘fly out the door’  @  Just  au$475  ……….  This is One Ring that I would ask any questions ,  that I may have , very quickly!   You can do so via email Or Phone {04488~64015}.