Rare Antique Tahitian Star Shell Ring


Genuinely  Rare Antique Tahitian Star Shell Ring.  Very Rarely seen.  This one dates to c.1920  & is about as good as you will ever see  ~  in this style!   9ct Gold , solid & strong ~ This is a handsome uni~sex ring & an ideal gift , for that someone special ……. be that you or another.


A handsome , Uni~Sex ,  Genuinely Rare Antique Tahitian Star Shell Ring   ~

This can certainly be worn by either sex & is only dependant on size,   Which we can do for you at a nominal $35 for you , either way – up or down in size.

This is a Truly beautiful ring & definitely not one that you will likely be seeing again , it Is that rare!

Dating to c.1920’s~30’s  this is near identical to a star ruby or star sapphire   ~  yet a different colour & Significantly better value    ~~   with the extra advantage of being exceedingly rarer than either star ruby’s Or sapphire’s.

A solid , strong & well made rarity  ~  there are No concerns with fragility or  gem coming loose with this early 9ct gold piece!

One does not often locate Quality pieces of antique jewellery ~ with the ‘leading feature’ being of a truly beautiful ~ Yet rarely seen nor used  ‘south sea gem’   that is so widely admired  ~  Yet  little known.

Cut into a fine cabochon shape , this superb gem has an amazing amount of colour movement via the ever changing  center star.

This  Rare Antique Tahitian Star Shell Ring  is a True Uni~Sex ring & will , once again , look Fantastic on both male & female.

If you appreciate fine quality pieces , from vintage & antique periods ….. prefer unique , unusual  & even rare pieces ………….. & Love a bargain …………… well I can Definitely recommend that you consider this special ring!

As for  ‘pricing & value for money’   ~   may I suggest that you take 20 or 30 minutes to use google & see what you get in the way of a Fine & unique antique gold ring with Rare stone of significant size for under au$1,000    ~~    I doubt whether you will find too many that represent better value for money ,  rarity &  ‘appeal’  than this Handsome uni sex ring.

Sourced in the U.K.  by one of our locally based buyers – this ring will most Definitely have a fantastic history & provenance ,  though unfortunately it will never be re-told  ,  as sadly it has long been lost …………….  though the beauty , rarity & obvious charm of this attractive  &  Rare Antique Tahitian Star Shell Ring  remains as strong & intriguing  as ever!

If you would like to ask any questions about this fantastic ring  ~  please email for a Prompt response.