9ct Vintage Serpent Ring


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9ct Vintage Serpent Ring  with Full English hallmarks and lovely Natural Ruby eyes. Very good quality with Great attention to detail complete with realistic scales,  eyes and facial features….

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Watch this Striking example of a 9ct Vintage Serpent ring slide gracefully on to your hand. It will feel a part of your finger it is that well made with it’s natural looking scales and flowing tail fitting snug around your finger.

This wonderful 9ct Vintage Serpent Ring  has a full set English hallmarks and  the makers mark M & B so you know your buying a quality Vintage Serpent Ring and not a mass produced one with know attention to detail.

This wonderful 9ct Vintage Serpent Ring has a real appeal to it, it not only looks good and feels good on the hand it has a lovely pair of realistic natural Ruby eyes which are full of colour and claw set.

The detail to this little critters face is amazing right down to the pair of nostrils to sniff out his or her next meal or victim. This great example of an English made 9ct Vintage Serpent Ring will be admired by many and is an example of the great range you will find at Hobart Town Antique Jewellery  and all at very competitive price’s.

You can admire this one from afar which most people would do or contact us and we will have this wonderful 9ct Vintage Serpent Ring carefully shipped in a nice little box so he won’t get out till he finds you safely.

With the great and sometimes crazy prices here at  Hobarttown.com you can sliver this little beauty on your finger for  a mere  $595 Aus.   Weighing 3.33 grams  and a size 8 1/4 U.S.

While you are visiting our website feel free to browse the many pictures we post as we like our customers to see our product from as many angles as possible as we would if we were the customer. Feel free to contact us via. Email, phone or pop in to say Hi. @ our shop 86 Collins St. Hobart…

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