Antique 15ct Gold & Opal Ring


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Fine  Antique 15ct Gold & Opal Ring and More than likely an Australian antique ring!   Large full opal & 15ct ring with Superb patina & in GR8 condition.

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*****  SORRY  ,  NOW  SOLD  *****

This Fine  Antique 15ct Gold & Opal Ring  Is More than likely Australian made  ~  Late 19th early 20thC.  & as such   ~   A Very desirable ring indeed!

Opals are notoriously known as the most difficult gemstone of All to photograph Accurately &  this handsome ring was No different , I assure you!

The best way to take in it’s true colour/fire range is to note the colour in different locations throughout the gem , even though they “don’t light up”  all at the same time …….  you can see the colour n fire in various locations throughout the opal.

This is a Very attractive 15ct Gold ring of plain design & leaves the focus on the gemstone.  Clearly hallmarked  15ct , i cannot guarantee you that this is 100% Definitely an Australian made  Opal & Gold Ring  But I can say that I would  “put money on it”  being an Australian made ring , using Australian Gold & an Australian Opal!

This is a True  uni~sex ring  &  will equally suit a lady Or a Gent  ~  re-sizing is not a problem.    View the numerous images to get a good idea just how well made & how ‘generous & solid’  the proportions are ….. it is a Quality ring & the jeweller did Not “scrimp” with the gold content , quite the opposite.

This Handsome   Antique 15ct Gold & Opal Ring  was recently valued  @  au$1,500   as the Current Retail Price.

We are selling this Fantastic Australian Opal & Gold ring  for Less than  2/3rds  of it’s current value   @   au$975!!

It is a Large full opal , being approx; 16 mm  by  12mm  &  is in Excellent condition    ~~    As is the handsome 15ct Gold ring  ~  It has developed a Superb Patina over the preceding decades  &  Looks Truly Beautiful when viewed in person!

That is one thing that NO jeweller or faker can compete with nor reproduce  ………………..  Patina.    It is One of the aspects that makes Good antique jewellery  Soo much more attractive, desirable & appealing  than contemporary  jewellery   ~    patina.

This Fantastic  Antique 15ct Gold & Opal Ring  is yet another great example of Just how well priced our stock is  when compared to the Vast Majority of shops in other capital city’s throughout Australia!     If you are interested in the ring , may I sugest that you take the time to compare the ring & it’s price/condition etc  to those f Any other shop throughout Australia  &  see how we stand up price/value wise!

Please make sure that you compare  “apples to apples”  ,  don’t compare to opals 1/2 the size  or new jewellery etc.

Then , if you have any questions regarding this  Antique 15ct Gold & Opal Ring  please feel free to either email or call for further details.  {04488~64015}.