Antique 9ct Gold Mourning Ring


A good  Antique 9ct Gold Mourning Ring in great condition & offered @ a Genuinely Fantastic price!  {Yes , we can provide time to settle}
*** NOW REDUCED BY 25% ,  FROM $395  ~  TO $295 ***

*** ALL PRICES In Au$’s ***


This  Antique 9ct Gold Mourning Ring  is not only in genuinely Fantastic condition for both it’s age & genre   ~   It is also another great example of the Unbeatable Value for money   @  Hobart Town Antique Jewellery  ~  One of the very few sites on the net that actually Encourages their clients to check other websites , not just our own!

*** NOW REDUCED BY 25% ,  FROM $395  ~  TO $295 ***

The reason we do so is Very simple ~ we actually Want You to see the pricing on similar/comparable items to fully grasp the price differences on the Vast majority of our stock  ~  compared to those of almost all Capital City outlets.

This late 19thC  Antique 9ct Gold Mourning Ring  is an attractive ring that will suit a lady with slim/ish fingers & due to the nature of the ring , it is unable to be re-sized.

With a central cartouche , which still remains ‘vacant’ & can have your initials engraved into it ,  has a foliage engraved decoration either side & gives the ring a nice balance.

Although the ring remains in excellent original condition , it may still be carefully cleaned if desired & I am happy to do on your behalf prior to sending to you.

It is not too often that one see’s a 125 year old 9ct Gold ring of this design & genre in such condition & Most definitely not at the genuinely great price of  au$395!

So , I would suggest that if the ring appeals to you & after you have asked any questions that you may have via email & you have compared the price & value ………….. that you ‘move quickly’  on this one   ~~   As you may well be waiting a Long time before you find another of this quality & condition  @  this price!

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