Antique Art Deco .50ct Diamond Solitaire Onyx 18ct Gold Ring

Yes Siree ,  this is one Spectacular Antique Art Deco .50ct Diamond Solitaire Onyx 18ct Gold Ring! Gr8 proportions , quality , condition & Price!
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A truly stunning Antique Art Deco .50ct Diamond Solitaire Onyx 18ct Gold Ring with hand carved onyx.       *****  SORRY  ,  NOW  SOLD  *****

Dating to the Edwardian Art Deco cusp , this is a 100% authentic and original Antique Art Deco .50ct Diamond Solitaire Onyx 18ct Gold Ring.

A full half carat round cut , natural  ,  bright diamond which is truly enhanced by its ‘jet black’ cradle.

This is an eye catching ,   ‘compliment magnet’  that will certainly draw compliments ,  like iron to a magnet ,  every time this spectacular ring is worn.
With the large full half carat diamond being set in a white metal {either silver, white gold , platinum or palladium}  bezel,  in amongst the uber black onyx surround  ~  with the effect of making the diamond both appear larger than it already is  and  enhance the separation of white/black.

A significant size ring in every aspect   ~   with the length / width of the ring being approx;  18 mms  x  11 mms   ~  this is not a ‘smaller cheaper’ lesser quality example   ~   not one that was ‘focused on making it as cheap as possible’  as many were.

Currently in UK or Oz sizing ,  a size  “O”  or  US size  “7.5”   ~    again not a small ring even in regards to finger size & with a weight of approx;  4 grams   ~   as stated there is ‘nothing small’  about this Gorgeous Antique Art Deco .50ct Diamond Solitaire Onyx 18ct Gold Ring.

With that last comment applying to the half carat /  .50ct diamond ………. with it standing out like a US basketball player amongst a class of 12 year old school kids ,  this is not a low key ‘plain jane ring’.

Stunning , beautiful and the words keep coming   ~   with this one being fully deserving of pretty much all the praise that can be heaped upon this gorgeous girl !!

I personally prefer unusual pieces ,  naturally they must be of either fine quality or  extra special charm , IF a large amount of years are behind the items history as well.  With this Antique Art Deco .50ct Diamond Solitaire Onyx 18ct Gold Ring qualifying in every respect possible.

Quality , charm , uniqueness in design , superior quality materials  beauty of design & construction and of course the  condition   ~   as mentioned ,  the praise keeps coming & coming  ~  only because it is fully deserving of such.

Beautifully made asymmetrical 18ct gold band ,  well carved onyx cradle which embraces that ‘jewel in the crown’  which of course is the full half carat of clean & bright earth mined diamond!

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This authentic & stunning Antique Art Deco .50ct Diamond Solitaire Onyx 18ct Gold Ring is , like All of our stock ,  sold with a 100% money back guarantee that the above description & details are accurate & correct!

If this ring does not find a new owner quite quickly   ~   I will be very surprised indeed.  If you would like to ask any questions about this absolutely stunning Antique Art Deco .50ct Diamond Solitaire Onyx 18ct Gold Ring please email and we will respond in a timely manner.

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