Antique Australian Opal 14ct Gold Ring



Fine Quality  Antique Australian Opal 14ct Gold Ring  in GR8 condition  & even Better Value  @  au$1.095!


It isn’t hard to see why So many people Love Australian Opals when you view this Fine  Antique Australian Opal 14ct Gold Ring.

A  5 x gemstone opal ring set in 14ct Rose Gold & dating too the late 19thC  ,   c.1880-1900    ~~  with such Amazing colour & fire to the full opals   ~~   this is Yet Another Fantastic example of the Exceptional Value for Money you get when buying your jewellery Or vintage watches from  Hobart Town Antique Jewellery!

In Beautiful condition with zero damage for a 120+ year old gold ring , it defies it’s age.

With the ring more than likely of U.S. origins , with the Opals Definitely being Australian Opals  ~  it is now back where the opals originated from.

Particularly attractive claws grasping the beautifully coloured Australian  opals & holding them tight ………….. the angulated sides to the claws is another unusual yet very attractive touch to the ring.

These Quality  Antique Australian Opal 14ct Gold Ring s are often in the range of $1950 to $2,950 range in most Australian capital cities.

At  Hobart Town Antique Jewellery  ~  We are  Half the Price of the Lower range   @   Just  $1,095   ~   I suggest that this  Antique Australian Opal 14ct Gold Ring  with  5 x  colourful opals & Beautiful Rose Gold is not Only a Truly beautiful 19thC opal & gold ring  ~  It is Also Exceptional Value for money.

I suggest that you use Google to search for comparable ring/s in   Any Australian City  …….. simply type our description into Google , then add a city …. such as  “Antique Australian Opal 14ct Gold Ring  Sydney”  etc   & you will see for yourself , just how much money You will save on ONE Purchase alone!   By No means is the above an exaggeration at all & we do encourage you to compare for yourself.

If you have any questions regarding this Beautiful Antique Opal & 14ct Rose Gold Ring  ……  Please feel free to email for a Prompt response ……….. Yet I wouldn’t procrastinate for too long on this one , not at this price!