Antique Cuff Links London Made 9ct Gold


Antique Cuff Links London Made 9ct Gold  of Superior Quality & remaining in Excellent condition.  Made by T.P. Wright of London , this Gr8 pair of 9ct Rose Gold cuff’s also retain their Original Case!  Bargain price of  au$330 … Be Quick!


A Great pair of Fine Quality  Antique Cuff Links London Made 9ct Gold  & retained within their Original case!

Made in 9ct Rose Gold  by  T.P. Wright ,  London  ~  These fully hallmarked & beautifully engraved antique rose gold cuff’s  are Yet Another Great Example of the Serious Difference in Pricing between  HOBART TOWN ANTIQUE JEWELLERY   &  The Vast Majority of dealers of Antique & Vintage jewellery   &  Vintage Watches   in Australia.

We  Genuinely Endevour to sell our Quality stock for the LOWEST PRICES POSSIBLE  …….. whilst still making a margin that will enable us to make a living & continue  doing what we Love doing  ……………. Supplying a Broad Variety pf FINE Quality antique & Vintage Jewellery & Vintage Watches to the Australian public  &  beyond!

Please use Google to compare our prices & statements regarding prices ………….. We Do Not claim to have the best prices on all stock …….. that would be a ridiculous claim!       Yet we do state that we have Some of the Best Prices that you will find anywhere in Australia ……….. on the Majority of our stock  @  any given time!

These Fine Quality  Antique Cuff Links London Made 9ct Gold   & made by  messers  T.P. Wright , London ,  remain in Fantastic Original condition & are Beautifully made!   The engraving is of a High standard & have a previous owners initials engraved ,  J.R.   ~  These are only noticeable when held to the eye.  They may be buffed out or buffed to make them un-noticeable when worn!

I personally would simply leave as is …….. they simply blend in &  appear to be part of the engraved pattterns!

Being Extremely difficult to source now …….. Superior Quality Antique Rose Gold cuff links made by a Quality London Jeweller  &  still being housed within their Original branded case are one of the most sought after pieces of gent’s antique jewellery  on the market today  &  as such  usually command a premium when they do appear!

Yet as so many other aspects of  Hobart Town Antique Jeweller’s  pricing structure ……… we bought these well  &  are Happy to share some of that ‘fortune’  with our Valued customers!     Providing these Handsome Rose Gold Genuine Antique Cuff Link’s  @  around 60%  or Less , of what other Capital city shops will charge!      @  Just  au$330  ~   Who can’t afford to show a lil style!

An Ideal gift  ~  @  anytime of the year   ~   These  Antique Cuff Links London Made 9ct Gold   WILL  Be appreciated by Any gent with style & an appreciation of Quality.

And You will appreciate the fact that  Hobart Town  has supplied these to you  for a %  of what you Would pay  in Any other Capital City!

If you would like to check anything or just purchase these Fine antique cuff’s ………  Please either call  {04488~64015}  Or email for a Prompt reply.