Antique Diamond 5 Stone 18ct Gold Edwardian Ring


This Antique Diamond 5 Stone 18ct Edwardian Ring in good original condition may well be an Australian antique ring. Refer to mark.
*** ALL PRICES In  AU$’s ***


An attractive & genuine Antique Diamond 5 Stone 18ct Gold Edwardian Ring in fine condition.     Yet Another   “HALF GIFT”  FOR THE CUSTOMERS OF HOBART TOWN ANTIQUE JEWELLERY  &  VINTAGE WATCHES …….. This is a Genuine Bargain  &  as stated ,  it is a     “HALF GIFT FOR ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS TO TAKE HOME”   ~

You simply CAN’T BUY  “this” ring  for $595 ………. from any shop anywhere in Australia !!      Also a case of  “First In  ~  Best Dressed”  with this one!

Often referred to as  ‘boat ring’  for obvious reasons ,  this design of antique ring has been popular ever since the design was created pretty much.

Ser with five  {5} x  sml diamonds ,  in a an 18ct boat setting.   With Atypical pierced decoration to either side ,  always gives a strong hint that it is a late 19thC or early 20thC ring.     The five diamonds are particularly bright & throw a Lot of sparkle & light back at the viewer!

There is every chance that this Antique Diamond 5 Stone 18ct Gold Edwardian Ring may well be an Australian made ring!     The makers mark reminds me another that I have seen that was definitely a late 19thC / early 20thC Aussie made ring.

When time permits  &  the memory cuts it ,  I will check on the mark {if not sold by then}  &  make comment here.   Due to the lack of ‘other marks’ on the ring that would signify English made ,  I am 90% sure that this is indeed an Australian Antique Diamond 5 Stone 18ct Gold Edwardian Ring ~

If that is indeed correct , as I am fairly sure that it is ,  the value of the ring will immediately increase by a minimum of 50%   ~   if not 100%  ~   Perhaps considerably more  >>>>>>>>>> with the reason behind that comment being that it is such a LOW Starting point >>>>>>>>> of just  au$675 ………….. for a genuine Edwardian 5 stone 18ct gold Diamond ring  in fine condition …….. Unheard of in 2016    >>>>>>>>>> EXCEPT AT  HOBART TOWN ANTIQUE JEWELLERY  &  VINTAGE WATCHES  <<<<<<<<<

If you would like to be “the one”  that snaps this Bargain up  >>>>>>>>>>>>  Please email for a same day response   >>>>>>>>. But ,  I would not procrastinate for too long  ….. Not on this Antique Diamond 5 Stone 18ct Gold Edwardian Ring  @  au$675!