Antique English 9ct Gold Natural Ruby Ring 1919 .30ct


A Good Antique English 9ct Gold Natural Ruby Ring 1919  .30ct Edwardian Solitaire Engagement Ring with character or a great dress ring!

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What a Cracking Earth Mined Ruby in this Antique English 9ct Gold Natural Ruby Ring 1919  .30ct ~ Most probably a natural Burmese Ruby!

Authentic Edwardian English Rose Gold Ruby Solitaire  ~  100% Original !

Exceptional colour to the natural ruby   ~   melding with the rose gold casing perfectly   ~   combined with the very appealing concentric setting   ~   making this one a truly gorgeous genuine Edwardian Ruby Engagement ring  Or  Dress ring  ~ either or both ,  this is a lovely example of an early 20thC natural Ruby English ring.   Fine milgrain work to the bezel mount sets the probably Burmese Ruby off beautifully.

The beautifully coloured natural Ruby is ‘rubbed’  with the facets of the stone having worn over the preceding 95+ years.   Yet I had little hesitation when buying this ring as I see it as part of this character filled antique ring’s history &  is part of the actual charm of the piece.    Naturally I acknowledge that not all ladies will share the same view as I do & that is to be expected.   It is only noticeable when magnified , {photos} or viewed under a jeweller’s loupe ,  unless you are 19 years old with 20~20 vision.

Clear hallmarks stating it was made in Birmingham {UK} ,  of 375 parts of gold {9ct} &  made by makers with the initials of  WBR   ~   who I do not know & have not yet researched.   That info will be added as mentioned.

The estimated  .30ct natural Ruby has a fantastic colour , clarity & saturation & is a superior quality gemstone.    Currently an Oz or OK size  “N”  or  US size  “7”   ~   this ring can be resized if needed.

Not a large ring in the sense of the ring head ,  though not overly small just the same.    With the vast majority of Ruby rings on the market today having been heat treated , colour treated &  just about every other form of treatment that can be done to a bad gemstone to make it appear as a good gemstone !

Naturally it is the earth mined , natural Ruby’s that are the “gemstone of choice” for the astute collector or purchaser & even though they can be still found in some antique jewellery ,  they have become very difficult indeed to source in the 21stC  and one will always pay a considerable premium for such & equally smaller or less perfect gems are considered far preferable IF untreated ,  compared to those that have been heat / colour treated Ruby.

These are very valid facts to consider when assessing this particular ring  &/Or those of a comparable status.

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