Antique Gold & Jade Pendant


Beautiful Australian Federation  Antique Gold & Jade Pendant in Excellent condition & Offered at an Exceptional Price!


This  Antique Gold & Jade Pendant   is an Excellent Example of early Australian Federation Pride!

These Fine Pieces from our Federation Period  are FAR More Important  than many Australian People Realize!

I believe they Should be More Highly Regarded by even More people than they are currently!!

Dating too  An Amazingly Important Period in Australia’s History  & Identity ,  The Australian Federation Period ~ “Loosely”  1901  to   1910  ~~  The making of modern Australia no less!

When the group of loosely connected states was formed into what we now know as Australia!  {with later minor changes , as in Canberra etc}.

From Federation onwards , we became the ‘modern’  Australia we now know  , with states & territories &   Federal Government & State governments , councils etc.

Leading up too & for sometime afterwards , there was a Very Strong sense of National Pride which become evident & obvious.

With this pride , as always , flowing into the Australian visual & Decorative arts.

Such as Furniture , Pottery , Jewellery , Visual/Fine Art’s  etc.

With this remarkably well preserved 9ct Gold & Jade Pendant being an Excellent Surviving Example of the above!

With the pride in identity & country  ~  Perhaps that pride even extended to ‘our cousins across the ditch’  as well!?

As This Fine  Antique Gold & Jade Pendant  is made from New Zealand Jade {greenstone} & more than likely Australian Gold , 9ct.

This Beautiful piece remains in Outstanding condition throughout , as per the Numerous Images {to enable our customers to make an Informed decision} , and the gold has developed a lovely patina , over the past 110 yrs ,  as per images

It is of significant size , as the  image with coin indicates  & when worn  it will leave No Doubt as to which  Country your Loyalties belong too!

The Gold Kangaroo is Very Well ‘proportioned’ & of a Realistic design , unlike those made in other countries , which were then sent back to Australia to be sold!

Attractive engraving to both front & rear of the gold top sets it off  , with the Handsome Marsupial standing proud beneath!

This Fine  Antique Gold & Jade Pedant   is Yet Another GREAT Example of the Unbeatable Value For Money You Get When Shopping with Hobart Town Antique Jewellery!!

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