Antique Gold ~ Mother of Pearl & Agate Locket Spinner Fob


A Highly Attractive & LARGE Antique Gold ~ Mother of Pearl & Agate Locket Spinner Fob  in GR8 condition.         ** Sorry , Now Sold  **

Opens & holds a good sized photo etc.  c.1860’s  Mother of Pearl & bonded Agate & 9ct Gold.

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This is Not your garden variety  Antique Gold ~ Mother of Pearl & Agate Locket Spinner Fob ~  It Is All Three  In One!!!   *** Sorry , Now Sold  ***

9ct Gold , With a double sided spinner  ~  With dual coloured bonded Agate to one side  ~  With Beautiful  hand Carved Mother Of Pearl to the opposite side!

On top of that , this Truly Beautiful piece opens in the center of the spinner  ~  to reveal a considerable size locket section inside , with a Very early ~ probably Original photo of  “a Dandy in stripped suite & Big Mo”.

This is a Very Significantly sized piece  ~~  And is  Definitely  Big  enough to be classified as a ‘stand alone’  pendant!    These bonded agate pieces {as 1 side is}  Look absolutely Amazing when beautifully carved ……. with the  “under piece of agate with different colour”  showing through after You have Your Loves Initials carved into the white …… the Orange will show through where carved!!     Which Looks Truly Amazing  when done properly!!

Perhaps you favourite man doesn’t wear  a stripped suit anymore  & you may like to replace the photo with one of your best man  ………  Or perhaps you may prefer to keep the ‘130 yr old Dandy’  close to your heart  ,  the choice is your’s!

Either way , there is No denying that this is a Fantastic piece of 19thC   9ct Gold jewellery  ~ with a Unique touch to it.

Being ‘white’  agate over orange agate , IF you decided to have your initials Or your lovers initials engraved into the agate  ~  A  Fantastic effect can be achieved via  engraving Through the White Agate & Just into the orange agate  …….  Believe me … It does & Will Look Absolutely Fantastic!!!

What a GR8  Way to ‘Make it your own’.

As mentioned ,  this Antique Gold ~ Mother of Pearl & Agate Locket Spinner Fob  is of Large proportions & is Definitely Large enough to wear as a pendant on a chain ……  It is by No means small , and  due to the colour way  ~~~  will look Sensational worn over Black!!!

The hand carved oriental decoration to the Beautiful & Genuine  Mother Of Pearl  Truly Looks Fantastic &  sets this piece off!

Dating to the start of the last quarter of the 19thC  , making this c.150 yr old  Antique Gold ~ Mother of Pearl & Agate Locket Spinner Fob  well & truly into the antique category  ~  Which Only highlights Just how Good Value this practical piece of antique jewellery actually is!   at approx;  45 mm  by  32mm without the gold loop.

Please have a Good Look at the Numerous images , this piece has got a Lot going for it & don’t forget ………. the the camera has magnified the images Greatly  …… so what can appear as significant marks,  dents etc ………. usually turn out to be Invisible to the naked eye!!!

This is Yet Another Great Example of the Unbeatable Value for Money {Your money}  that is Always on Offer here ,  at  Hobart Town Antique Jewellery , 7 days a week  ~~  52 weeks of the year!!

So , If you have any questions regarding this  Antique Gold ~ Mother of Pearl & Agate Locket Spinner Fob  Please feel welcomed to either call {04488~64015}  or email for a prompt reply  …………  Yet at Just  au$950  for this Piece  ……… I wouldn’t wait too long!