Antique Sapphire & Diamond 18ct Gold Ladies Ring


Dating to 1863 ,  this Antique Sapphire & Diamond 18ct Gold Ladies Ring remains in great condition & is a very attractive Mid Victorian 6 gem classic ring!  *** ALL PRICES In AU$’s ***


Well ,  isn’t this Fine Antique Sapphire & Diamond 18ct Gold Ladies Ring dripping with charm & character!

Coming to You straight from the 1860’s ………. this 150+ year old Classic Mid Victorian Sapphire & Diamond 6 gemstone charmer is about as cute as they come  &  a  REAL ANTIQUE RING ……. Not a misdescribed 1960’s copy of !

Like almost All ‘decorative arts’  or antiques ……… it is about size ……. dimensions ……….  PROPORTIONS   to be Exact.  Of course several other factors come into play ,  yet the Best hand {maker} &/or  the Best materials ,   will Always look like tripe  ~  IF the Proportions are out …… it an item is  “too wide compared to it’s height”  Or  “too high compared to it’s width” etc etc.

This gorgeous 150+ year old Antique Sapphire & Diamond 18ct Gold Ladies Ring  has , in my opinion ,  ‘spot on’  proportions  >>>>>>>>>> which is often  ‘the thing’  that your’e not quite sure just Why you like “A”  more than  “B”  even they they are Very similar , as an example.    Great sized natural sapphires , {cut to shape almost 170 year ago}   ~  Appropriate size And Placement of the transitional earth mined diamonds  ~  to the ‘boats width n length’  …………. this IS correct !

Made in 1863 ,   in one of  “Europe’s Great 19thC jewellery centres”  that produced copious amounts of both jewellery &  what we now term ‘silver decorative arts’  >>>>>>>>    Birmingham ,    England.

Featuring a pair of beautifully deep blue coloured natural earth mined Sapphires ,  more oval than cushion cut  @  approx;  4mms  x  3mms  ~ with a pair of transitional cut earth mined diamonds separating the lovely sapphires  ~  with a further diamond to each end of the boat shaped setting.

All set within a healthy sized solid 18ct gold mount & ring  @  approx; 3 gm’s   ~  this gorgeous Mid Victorian Jewel is well above  “your average antique sapphire & diamond boat ring”  …………. having that indefinable charm n character that often can’t be explained   ~   Yet does often not need explaining  IF  the person is able to view just one image of the piece in question!

Currently a size  “N”  or  U.S.  6.5    ~   Yet there is no issue with a competent jeweller re-sizing this classic 19thC charmer ,  yet being a the size it is  ~  it is a ‘common size’ ring for a large  %  of women.

With approx;  .50 tcw of beautiful blue sapphires &  .08 of earth mined natural transitional cut diamonds   ~  this handsome Antique Sapphire & Diamond 18ct Gold Ladies Ring  offers excellent value for money when compared to what you will be charged at comparable Sydney ,  Melbourne & Brisbane etc Shops …….. If you are unsure of the values / prices of this type of mid Victorian ring  >>>>>

Please feel welcome to email & we will gladly send links to you to show you that some other shops are charging around $2,00 to $2,500 for “this standard of antique ring”  with genuinely comparable examples of This ring ,   currently being sold at the stated prices!!!    Once again   ~   we are happy to provide the links to verify that Excellent value that this handsome Antique Sapphire & Diamond 18ct Gold Ladies Ring provides at the stated price of  au$1,275 ~

Beautifully hallmarked ,  with the makers tag being  R.Bros   ~   I will check the maker’s name & details when time permits  &  update the listing afterwards.

Yet in the meantime   ~   If  You have any interest in snapping up this Classic Antique Sapphire & Diamond 18ct Gold Ladies Ring from 1863 Before another beats you too it ,  please feel free to email for a same day response  >>>>>>>  Though at the price that this is being sold I would not be surprised at all if this one does get snapped up quickly!!