Antique Scottish Dirk ~ 19thC


A good Antique Scottish Dirk ~ 19thC in excellent antique condition.  Well made with Gr8 patina & ingenious design.



A Good Antique Scottish Dirk ~ 19thC  /  antique knife   ~  hand crafted during the last quarter of the 19thC.

An extremely tactile piece with the ingenious design on having the handle bent for the last inch / 25 cm’s  or so   ~   makes for an exceptionally better grip in the hand ,  combined of cost with the flared butt with cairngorm mounted , as per Scottish tradition.

These  “serious piece of hand to hand  ~  self defence weaponry”  is  Not a toy or a decorative piece!    It is a genuine weapon made & no doubt used for it’s intended purpose.

This Good Antique Scottish Dirk ~ 19thC  has developed an excellent natural patina over the course of it’s 120+ years of life  ~  as per images  ~  it looks fantastic  &  fells fantastic in hand.

With an overall length of 175 mm’s  Or  7 inches approx;  it could easily be concealed  ~  yet strong ,  sturdy ,   solid  &  a serious bit of kit  ~  you can just tell this Antique Scottish Dirk ~ 19thC  /  antique knife has got a story to tell when you handle it.       Something a new knife cannot offer let alone provide.

An excellent Genuine 19thC antique bladed weapon to add to your collection  or a Gr8  piece to start a collection with!     Priced well below what specialist’s charge for this grade of weapon in this condition.

If you have any questions about this fine Scottish Dirk ,  please email for a prompt response.