Antique Writing Slope of Superb Quality


A Fine  Antique Writing Slope of Superb Quality with Coromandel & French Blue Interior c1850 ~  All Original ,  Including travelling Inkwell , Bramah Lock & KEY ,  Highest Quality  ‘Oyster Walnut’ ,  Quality Brass edging &Highest  quality construction!


What a Cracking  Antique Writing Slope of Superb Quality  this one is.

From the Inside~Out  ~  This superb piece is Quality All the way!

Made with the absolute Highest Quality   ‘Oyster  Walnut’ this one stands out amongst the crowd ,   to  a  ‘good eye’.

The Oyster Blue Walnut is a Totally different bird altogether to ‘burr walnut’  &  has much more of a ‘bird’s eye’  Or  Oyster appearance.    Either way ,  It is a Truly Beautiful & rarely seen cabinet timber!

The entire exterior has a  ‘Desirably Antique’  appearance & has developed a good patina over the preceding 160 ~ 170 years of life.    Naturally the Amazing  Walnut Oyster Grain”  is the Highlight & is a Fantastic example of this rarely seen cabinet timber from the walnut family!

Even the use of a superior grade brass to the edging is a sign that something Special lay’s in wait.

Upon opening   ~   One can’t help but be impressed!

The Brilliant colouring {after almost 170 years!!}  of the ‘French Blue’ lined writing surface has a guaranteed  “WoW”  factor.    Topped off by Quality Gold {actual gold used} tooling to the corners of the Impressed  attractive pattern to this Handsome Antique Writing Slope of Superb Quality   ~  With the Gold tooling in simply exceptional cond;  ~  still ,  after around  170 years.

The use of ‘the worlds most expensive cabinet timber’  Coromandel is another sign of Highest Quality.    Superbly cross banded with Fine Coromandel , the entire interior  Screams Quality!

The Entire piece is in simply Outstanding condition throughout ….. Including the Interior.   The Original Traveling inkwell is retained ,  as are the mother of pearl knobs to the small covers.

The World’s Best Locksmiths were used to provide the lock to this Antique Writing Slope of Superb Quality  ,  With  BRAMAH being the globe’s Only locksmiths to promote their lock’s as  “Un-pickable”  ,  Until the Great Exhibition in 1851 at the Crystal Palace ,  where an American Safe Cracker ,  travelled all the way from the

U.S.  to  the  U.K.  {by Ship}  to ‘pick’  a BRAMAH Lock  @  the Great Exhibition @ the Crystal Palace  & claim his prize {which BRAMAH had put up IF anyone could ‘pick’  one of the their Unpickable Locks} I can’t recall the exact amount of cash that was the Prize ……. yet it was the equivalent of something like  $1,000,000 in todays terms!

The “secret drawers” ,  which are Only ever really  ‘concealed’  drawers …… are in fact , on this Amazing piece ,  actually Secret Drawers!!     The way to access these 3 Coromandel fronted Finely made miniature drawers concealed within the framing is the ONLY mechanism of it’s type that I have Ever seen ………….. and I once specialised in Fine Quality boxes  and I have Never seen such a mechanism!     It may have been designed by an engineer.

The ‘way in’  will Only be revealed to the next custodian of this Special piece  After they have purchased it!      Yet you know a piece is of fine quality usually when concealed drawers Or any aspect that is “either seldom seen / only seen by the user/wearer/owner”  are of  superior standard & extra expense/labour has gone into that aspect/feature  ……….  with the point in hand being Finely made miniature drawers in NEW Condition {though 160/170 years old}  with Coromandel veneered drawer fronts!     Absolute Quality with a capital  Q.

Note the Original ‘letter holder’ to the underside of one of the 2 lift up sections of the writing slope ,  once again  ~  after almost 170 years….it remains & remains in mint cond!!

IF you collect Special antique Boxes ………. OR  have been considering purchasing a Good antique writing slope Or good antique box in general ……………… I can honestly recommended this truly Exceptional Antique Writing Slope of Superb Quality with Coromandel & French Blue Interior c1850 , Original travelling inkwell , Original BRAMAH lock & KEY

{which are almost ALWAYS Lost  ~   after 170 yr’s one can understand a small key getting lost!}    With Every aspect being not only in Excellent condition ………….. The Entire Piece is of the Excellent Quality & a truly Astute purchase ………..  Especially at the price that this Fine Antique Writing Slope  is offered at!

To say this piece is a couple of cut’s above average ……….. is a genuine Understatement!

If you have any questions regarding this  Handsome Antique Writing Slope of Superb Quality with Highest Quality Oyster Walnut & Coromandel  ~  May I suggest that you ask them Promptly  ,  as this is One piece that I would expect to appeal to a great deal of people  &  will Not last!