Art Deco Amber & 14ct Gold Ring


This Art Deco Amber & 14ct Gold Ring  has Got to be something Special!  Earthy , Provincial , Natural & Real   ~~  All made by Hand!      This has got Real Character!!


What an absolutely gorgeous Art Deco Amber & 14ct Gold Ring  this one is!

Late/Post Deco c1935 – 45   ~  these Amazing rings are Genuinely rare ……. If Genuine!

More than likely of European origins , this 14ct rose gold & Honey colour Amber ring  ~  looks truly Amazing on hand. & offers fantastic value for money.

Especially  when you compare what you get for the same money on period jewellery at most shops throughout Australia!

With natural plant material contained within the  ”squllions of years old”  natural amber  ~  it is a true time capsule  ~  of that moment in time , XXXXXXX years ago – when the amber sap encaptured these pieces of plant  ~ & have been that way ever since   &   for~ever more!

Harvested in the 1st half of the 20thC  ~  sold to a jeweller  ~  and while being  such a highly valued material , for millennium ,  the jeweller showed his admiration & regard for the amber gold ,  by making the ring in high grade 14ct rose gold!

Of provincial form , near naive in nature  – this elongated oval amber gold ring possesses a charm & character that  “typifies what  people hope to find in  & that attracts them too ~  some types antique jewellery”.

Fine , Attractive & valuable jewellery does not Need diamonds & rubies to be beautiful & precious   ~   this  Art Deco Amber & 14ct Gold Ring  is an excellent example of that fact!

The beautiful Honey coloured Amber cabochon measures around 22 mm by 8mm , with the ring being a mm or so longer   ~~   the rings weighs approx;  2.3 gm’s.     With zero condition concerns  ~  the ring is Very tactile & does look absolutely Fantastic when placed on hand!

There are many fakes on the market today.   With the hardest to ‘out’  are where the fakers have used an old/antique ring  –  removed the ‘damaged or inferior paste stone’  &  replace with custom shaped amber to fit.

As I say with vintage watches ,  it is Far safer / better to make your purchase from bricks n  mortar shops that provide  **Money Back Guarantees**  on Everything that they sell & say  ~~~   Just as We Do!     Our Main Aim  ~~  Repeat Business  ~~  Happy Customers  ~~  More Sales  ,  That’s Why We are Still Operating  ~  31 yr’s later!

When Buying On-Line  ~  Safety Should Always Be Paramount …… Not saving $50.

Ring Size added shortly.   Yet if you have any questions regarding this Truly Handsome  Art Deco Amber & 14ct Gold Ring  I suggest that you ask them quickly ………… as this Is one ring that will get snapped up  ……………… Especially at  $785!