Stunning Art Deco Citrine & Diamond 18ct Gold Ring


A very attractive , fine quality genuine Art Deco Citrine & Diamond 18ct Gold Ring  with platinum mount.  c1930 and in fine original condition.

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These Quality  Art Deco Citrine & Diamond 18ct Gold Ring  are well & truly in vogue at present and if you search online  ~  you will see equal ring’s sold or selling at well above this price!

** No Longer Available **

Featuring a large , natural & stunning emerald cut ‘Maderia Citrine’  ~  surrounded by clean bright diamonds.

Antique / Fine Art Deco Citrine rings {& other citrine antique jewellery} are one of the most sought after genres of  all jewellery  at present & it isn’t hard to understand why , when you look at a truly Beautiful example such as this Fine  Art Deco Citrine & Diamond 18ct Gold Ring    ~~

The contrast alone is exceptional.   
With the beautiful colour to the superb Madeira coloured Citrine    ~~   against the contrast of both the platinum & the diamonds themselves   ~~    is fantastic  …….  yet when you throw in the further contrast  ~  of the matching 18ct yellow gold band  ~  with the Maderia citrine ,  the platinum and diamonds & the 18ct yellow gold …. tt looks amazing.

This is a real  ‘stand out’  ring.    The emerald cut natural Citrine is a very sizable gem  & is perfectly suited , at this size , for a quality  ‘classic Art Deco’  design & one that every lady should have in her arsenal of  ‘objects of beauty’ to adorn herself with.

You are encouraged to compare to any genuine art deco emerald cut citrine & diamond 18ct gold ring of equal quality.

This fantastic Art Deco Citrine & Diamond 18ct Gold Ring with Platinum set diamond gets a big tick for it’s quality , condition and price and would again suggest that if you have an interest in this stunner ,  please take the time to compare the ring & it’s price.

If you have any questions  ~  please email and we will respond on the same day usually.

Is  this authentic and beautiful  Art Deco Citrine & Diamond 18ct Gold Ring your next family heirloom ,  to be forever cherished & one that will be passed down the family line?