Art Deco Diamond & Ruby Spray Ring


A Fine  .35cts Art Deco Diamond & Ruby Spray Ring  in 14ct Rose gold.  Late Deco 1930’s ~ 50s.   
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A particularly good Art Deco Diamond & Ruby Spray Ring in great condition.

With this style of ring having it’s origins in Georgian times {18thC}  ~  with this ring closer to the 1930’s ~ 50’s  ,  these ‘spray rings’ have been favoured by creative jewellers ever since Georgian times.

Consisting of diamonds & rubies  ~   with the 14ct rose gold having a strong pink hue to it ,  the colours work inn  absolutely beautifully together!

With the ring being approx;  size  Q  in Australian sizing  Or  size  8  in U.S.  sizing ,  to re-size this ring up Or down is a straight forward matter.  As mentioned ,  it weighs a very solid 5 gm’s approx;  with many of this style weighing around half of the 5 grams that this quality ring weighs!

With the larger of the diamonds being est;  .10ct  ~  the remaining 2 drum set diamonds being  .06ct each ,  the dozen small accent diamonds pave set to the swirls being a further .08cts approx;  the total diamond content has a tcw of   .30cts   ~  providing a total gemstone weight including the 3 Rubies of  .35ct’s  of natural earth mined gemstones to this beautiful vintage ring.

This Art Deco Diamond & Ruby Spray Ring  has a north ~ south dimension of approx;  16 mm’s  &  a  east~west of approx;  12 mm’s to the ring head  ~  it is by no means a tiny ring!

When viewed in person ,  this ring is a real eye catcher ~  It really does sparkle & shine ad has the added feature of being able to be worn facing either direction ,  which does have an impact on the rings overall appearance. It really does ‘have a presence’  so to speak.

Being sold at a genuinely good price and we encourage price comparison on this quality Art Deco Diamond & Ruby Spray Ring!

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