Art Deco Hand Made Gold & Pearl Harem Ring


Superb  Art Deco Hand Made Gold & Pearl Harem Ring  in Fine condition.  
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A fine quality Art Deco Hand Made Gold & Pearl Harem Ring  created in the U.S.  during one of history’s stylistic most amazing   20 years  ………..  1920  ~  1939.

With the gorgeous round cut Garnet giving some colour & balance to the beautiful white of the pearls & platinum ~  balance via the gold on the band & shoulders etc ~ this is one Handsome ring!

Unlike the vast majority of jewellery on the market today ……. this  Art Deco and made gold & pearl harem ring  was totally hand made ………  & didn’t the jeweller excel with this fantastic creation!

A ring design that was very rarely made in the U.K. or Australia ……… the “harem” design  or “Princess” design , as it is also often now called  ~   is originally a Mughal / Indian design with significant Islamic influence …..  dating back Many centuries if not thousands of years , literally!

The design became Very popular in north America during the late 19thC  &  especially the 1st  50 years of the 20thC  ………  with the Art Deco period being it’s crescent in American popularity & probably in quality of jewellery made as well.      

Although there were a significant amount rings made from the 20’s to 50’s  in a similar style   ~~    the Vast majority that I have encountered have been of Poor design & often equally poor execution as well.

Take the time to have a Close look at this ring  ,  the detail , condition & complexity of creation.    It is a Testament to this particular jewellers Exceptional attention to detail  & Skill level!!

With the ring being made from the unusual gold content of  333  / 8ct gold  &  what I assume to be platinum  {untested yet}   ~~  This is one unusual aspect of this beautiful  Art Deco Hand made gold & pearl harem ring.
With round cut Garnet in a gold bezel  ~~  which gives the ring  ‘fantastic balance’  ~  with the gold of the band & shoulders etc ~ balancing the gold of the bezel mount for the Garnet  ~  a great touch!

I have noticed over the years that  333 Gold  was  ‘often’  used in more “earthy ~ rustic ~ hand made ~ Unique”  type of jewellery   ~~   and this Superbly made ring is another testament to that theory!

The use of such fine pearls , graduating down the ‘flower head’ to the larger  ‘lower hanging fruit’  not only looks  amazing ……….. it is Extremely well executed!       The super fine milligrain work is yet another amazing addition to this fine jewellers repertoire  ~  with the amazing design showing graduated sizing ~ as the ring cascades from top to bottom!

This  art deco hand made gold & pearl harem ring  is a genuinely special hand made jewel ~ made around the very peak of the Art Deco period & has significant character , style & beauty.

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