Authentic Antique Emerald Opal Gold Ladies Trilogy Ring 1.25tcw

Genuine & Authentic Antique Emerald Opal Gold Ladies Trilogy Ring being sold at a great price! Natural earth mined faceted round cut Emeralds & cabochon cut Opal in a quality 10ct Rose Gold claw setting.
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Yet another ‘fantastic buy’  from Hobart Town Antique Jewellery & Vintage Watches via this Authentic Antique Emerald Opal Gold Ladies Trilogy Ring!

*****  SORRY  ,  NOW  SOLD  *****

Being sold at anywhere from $700 to $1,700  below what you will find ‘the same’  or equal ring in any of Australia’s capital city’s.      If you have any interest in this attractive ring we strongly recommend that you use Google & our initial heading & add a cities name  ~  I.E.   Authentic Antique Emerald Opal Gold Ladies Trilogy Ring Melbourne for sale ”  do not get caught up with “proper grammar”  as google does not know the Queens English ,  so to speak mam.

With each Emerald being approx;  .25cts  and the Opal being approx;  .75ct   ~  obviously providing a total carat weight of natural earth mined Emeralds & Opal   ~   No trick photography on this site  >>>>>>> making small gems appear much larger than they actually are   >>>>>>>>>  Not here ,  our photographs are taken to give very accurate indications of each & every item sold.

Clear , close up realistic images showing every angle & every detail   ~  via 8 , 10 , 12 & 20 images that we include with Every item listed on our site!!      WHY do we do that ,  when it add’s at least ONE HOUR to every listing ???    So  YOU ,  our valued clients & potential customers an extremely accurate insight & understanding on all items listed on our site.

We are very selective in the stock we buy to sell to our customers  ~  we do Not Need to hide our items & not show them clearly …… it is the same as our prices  >>>> some “out of date”  shops insist that you must email them , every single time ,  that you would just like to know the price of an item!   Crazy.     WE treat our customers , repeat or new ,  with far more consideration than that!

With this Genuine  & Authentic Antique Emerald Opal Gold Ladies Trilogy Ring with Rose gold colourway is seriously good value when you compare what you will need to pay for this in any other Capital City in Oz.    Please take the time to compare for yourself ,  IF you have an interest in this handsome 19thc Authentic Antique Emerald Opal Gold Ladies Trilogy Ring.

Dating to c1880’s ,  remaining in excellent original condition ,  having  2 x  .25ct natural Emeralds  with a very colourful opal with good fire that was not captured at all in these photo’s ,  totalling  1.25ct’s of earth mined gemstones to this handsome 130 year old 10ct Rose Gold ring    ~   at a price that is anywhere from  $700 to $1,700 below other Capital City prices!

In 95% of instances we can have this truly beautiful Authentic Antique Emerald Opal Gold Ladies Trilogy Ring on Your hand within 24 hr’s   ~   Regardless of which city you are located in within Oz.       Or 48 hr’s if in smaller regional towns etc.
We provide Full Money Back Guarantees on All items sold & All descriptions stated  and  we have been doing so for around 34 years now!

Any questions are best asked via email & expect a prompt response.  {phone reception is almost non existent in new location}

All prices on this website are DISPLAYED in AUD $ (Australian Dollars)
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