Breitling Chronomat 217012 Ref;769 Slide Rule Chronograph 1947


Amazing Chronomat 217012 Ref;769 Slide Rule Chronograph 1947 all original classic!  Pre Breitling Navitimer and a highly sought after 1940’s vintage icon.
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This superb Breitling Chronomat 217012 Ref;769 Slide Rule Chronograph 1947 wristwatch is a genuine vintage icon !

The world’s first slide rule chronograph and a true legend in the Swiss precision watchmaking industry.

This stunning watch is one of the earlier models with the sought after Arabic numerals instead of the later , 50’s , baton markers , and has the red 100s of a minute scale to the interior of the dial {used for calculations in conjunction with the outer slide rule which is used with the bi-rotational bezel} and stainless steel case with Breitling Premier marked movement and correct markings …. I.E. original to the watch.

The world’s first slide rule wristwatch was manufactured by Girard Perregaux and marketed under their main {European} name of Mimo.
Though their model , released just prior to Breitling chronomat , did not have the significant feature of being a chronograph with that major breakthrough being owned by this watch   the Breitling Chronomat 217012 Ref;769 Slide Rule Chronograph 1947 {first release of 1942}.

Breitling actually patented this model and the patent number is applied to the dial ,  along with the Swiss cross with both to the lower half of the dial.

This watch has the extremely rare flared hands , so popular on ww2 military watches and this watch is only the second example ever seen with these hands and are guaranteed to be original to the watch!

For full explanations on the many scientific , aviation , medical , motorsport and military uses that this iconic Breitling Chronomat 217012 Ref;769 Slide Rule Chronograph 1947 provides to the owner ,  please refer to some of the indepth essays that can be found on the oracle {google} yet use your own judgement with some aspects as there can be a great deal of conjecture put up as fact on many online watch forums ……. though to a lesser degree as to the features which this legendary c1947 Breitling chronomat chronograph possess.

The untouched original dial is beautifully aged and has a handsome vintage aesthetic!
If one is ‘offended’ by a slightly aged dial on a 70+ year old watch ………. I suggest you consider buying a new watch.
The aesthetic or style that a first class true vintage watch radiates will either appeal or disappoint people ……… yet to those that collect or desire to collect fine quality , true vintage watches, in good original condition  …… there is simply no alternative !

The 36m stainless steel case is in excellent , unpolished , original condition as the images indicate and has been treated with the respect that a watch of this standing deserves.
The bi-rotational bezel retains good crisp edges and of course is used for the numerous calculations , in conjunction with the inner rotaional slide rule , that this handsome Breitling provides.

Fitted with a new , padded leather strap and Breitling st.steel buckle and is very comfortable on the wrist.
Further images added when time permits.
The printed image shows a copy of a 1945 advert showing the same model with lumed pencil hands.

The Venus Cal;175 17 jewel movement is in pristine condition , is running very strong and keeping excellent vintage time.
It bears the correct Breitling Premier mark and the case is internally signed with the Breiling name and externally with the serial # and Ref; #.

This one ticks all the boxes that this model can and being as original as it is and in such good condition , it qualifies as a genuine investors special !

I suggest that you consider what au$5,250 buys you in regards to a basic time only Rolex ………… when considered and compared with a ‘genuine open mind’ ………… this watch leaves ANY equal or near equally priced Rolex for dead and can only highlight the absurd prices that people pay for basic , time only vintage Or new Rolex watches!!
There is simply no comparison as to the quaity and features of both examples mentioned.

Being sold at a genuinely good price for this first series Breitling chronomat and as we always do …..we encourage price and watch comparisons!

Please email with any questions.