Bulova Mens Excellence Collection Gold Watch

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*** Sorry ,  No Longer Available  ***

This Fine Bulova Mens Excellence Collection Gold Watch is not only from the Excellence Collection , By BULOVA , It Also remains in Totally Excellent Condition as well!

Dating to c.1969/70 This Beautiful & ‘Period Typical’ Gold Filled Watch Looks Absolutely Brand New , Especially when viewing the dial & front.

Retaining it’s Original Octagonal Bulova Case/Box  Has surely played a part in this Fine BULOVA MENS EXCELLENCE COLLECTION GOLD WATCH remaining in such Exceptional Condition , especially for a almost 45 year old watch , & a mans watch at that!

View the numerous images to get a great understanding of this Very highly rated   “Excellence Collection” Gents Vintage Watch!

The Dial is mint , hard to believe that it is not too far off 50 yr’s of age & it looks No Different than it did in 1971!  Amazing!!   We guarantee that it is 100% Original & not a re-dial or similar!

Obviously it has had little use whatsoever!  Being a 25 yr presentation watch from Repco to one of their employees , there is a Very Discreet & short presentation ~ which is “the most discreet” that I have encountered!   It runs with the circular pattern on the watch as well , making it appear as though it is part  of the case design!  Quite a clever engraver.

As you can see , Externally the watch is Simply Exceptional    ~~    and Exactly the same applies to the Automatic  movement {but No surprises there}.     ~~     The entire watch is “In a Time Warp”  &  is simply Amazing Externally & Internally   >>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>>    NO 45 year old watch Can be in Better condition than this BULOVA MENS EXCELLENCE COLLECTION GOLD WATCH , as it is Literally Impossible!    <<<<<<<<<<<<

It works as well as it looks!   With Zero issues at all!!    >>>>>>>>>>>>>   These BULOVA MENS EXCELLENCE COLLECTION GOLD WATCH Are Not Common watches by any stretch of the Imagination & are even now ‘knocking on the door of rare’  ……… Especially when complete with their original hard bodied Hexagonal Box.   c.1970.

This is Yet Another Quality vintage watch From  Hobart Town Antique Jewellery  being offered to the market at Less than it’s True Value!!   ~~   We Encourage You , if interested in this Fine Watch , to spend 10 or so min’s comparing our price/s Via a Google search , to Any comparable Bulova , at Any Capital city shop  ……….. No-one will be better priced than  Hobart Town Antique Jewellery  & at Just  **** au$675 ****  We may even be 30% Better priced!!