Burmese 1 ct Ruby & .50 ct Diamond Ring



Vintage Genuine Pigeon Blood  Burmese 1 ct Ruby & .50 ct Diamond Ring  of Fantastic Quality. 18ct Kalgoorlie Gold & manufacture!

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What a simply Exceptional  Burmese 1 ct Ruby & .50 ct Diamond Ring  This one is!

As well as Quality & Beauty  ~ This Fine vintage ring has history as well!

The unassuming design of this Fine jewel ~ belie’s the High Grade Gems contained within this Amazing piece.

With this Superb Ruby being personally Hand Chosen , from numerous , on site in Burma c.1981  ~  This Exceptional 1ct aprox;   ‘Pigeon Blood Ruby’  is about as good as they come , under $10k at least.

The previous owner had this Superb ring created in Kalgoorlie , Australia  c.1980’s , from Kalgoorlie Gold   ~~    The Fine V V S ~ G/H  .25ct  {x2} Diamonds being sourced in Western Australia  &  With the  Exceptional Pigeon Blood Ruby being sourced & purchased in Burma by the lady’s husband c.1981 ~~  there is a true character & international history to this Exceptional  Burmese 1 ct Ruby & .50 ct Diamond Ring

PLEASE NOTE:~    The superb  ‘pigeon blood red’  of the  1ct Burmese Ruby   ~~   The total saturation of that fine colour throughout  ~~  The Clarity & colour of the VVS Grade  quarter carat diamonds {x 2}{total diamond cw  .50ct  or  1/2 a carat} & the appropriate use of  Kalgoorlie 18ct Gold.

One does not need to own “Flashy”  jewellery  ~~    To own Quality jewellery  ,   as this Fine Jewel testifies!

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This truly Exceptional  Burmese 1 ct Ruby & .50 ct Diamond Ring  is a Great example of the above statement.

Supplying this  @  au$2,950   ~~   Instead of the  au$4,500  to $5,900  that this would be offered at in the Vast majority of shop’s throughout Oz.   And More at some shops!

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