Ceylon Sapphire Diamond 1ctw 14ct Gold Ring


Fine Quality  Ceylon Sapphire Diamond 1.00ctw 14ct Gold Ring  in as new condition;  being excellent buying for a 1ct Sapphire & Diamond ring of this quality.   Your engagement ring?
*** ALL PRICES In  au$’s ***


A  very attractive Ceylon Sapphire Diamond 1ctw 14ct Gold Ring from a recent estate purchase.

Note the beautiful cornflower blue of the .50ct  Ceylonese Sapphire and the genuinely low price!

The clarity of this beautiful sapphire is especially good.
Amazing colour ,  excellent clarity , good size of  .50ct  ~  combined with 14 equal grade bright and clean diamonds  ~ within a stylised cross over 14ct gold mount   ~   all combine to make this Ceylon Sapphire Diamond 1ctw 14ct Gold Ring a quality ring !  being sold ar a great price!

With the diamonds being estimated as  VVS to VS  and  H  to  i    ~~  Both the Ceylonese  .50ct  Sapphire  and the 14 bright & clean diamonds , which are an estimated  .50tcw  =   1/2 a carat of Quality Diamonds   &   a  1/2 carat Ceylon Sapphire Solitaire  ………….  providing a total carat weight of  1ct of diamonds & ceylon sapphire!

A truly ideal engagement ring due to the beauty , quality  and of course the value it provides at our selling price!

Sapphire means blue in Greek. The sapphire stones are characterized by their extreme hardness exceeded only by the diamond and their color and transparency.
The blue sapphire is often called the gem of the sky and it comes in many shades of blue ranging from the deep blue of the evening sky to the mid-blue of a summer’s day sky.

In ancient time it was believed that the earth was embedded in a big blue sapphire and that was why the sky was blue. In many civilizations the blue sapphire is a symbol of heaven.

In modern times Prince Philip gave a blue sapphire to Queen Elizabeth as an engagement ring and later Prince Charles gave that same blue sapphire to Lady Diana as an engagement ring.
With Dianne’s son & 2nd in line to the  ‘big chair’ gifting the same sapphire & diamond ring to his beautiful wife  ~  Katherine.

This one is size  ‘M’  or  U.S.  size –  ‘6’.  & weigh’s 4 gm’s making it a  solid ring ,  that has been well made.
With the top being  13 mm’s in width.     It is a good sized ring ,  without being overly large and can be re-sized if needed.

At $999 for a .50ct Ceylon sapphire surrounded by .50cts of bright clean diamonds , 14ct gold ring………… we encourage you to compare what this will cost in any shop in Oz.
Then , if you have any questions regarding this beautiful estate Ceylon Sapphire 1ctw 14ct Gold Ring  please feel free to email for a prompt reply.