Doxa Military Style 1949 Oversize 35;5m Amazing St;Steel Case


This genuinely rare vintage Doxa Military Style 1949 AUTO Oversize 35;5m amazing St;Steel case is one seriously handsome and fine quality vintage watch! 


This genuinely rare Doxa Military Style 1949 AUTO Oversize 35;5m amazing St;Steel Case is a standout 1940’s wristwatch!

Note the thickness of the case! {11.4 m’s with lens}  ~  beautifully shaped design of the case! {35.5 mm’s  w.o.c.}  ~  the thick , solid ,  long & beautifully designed   lugs  ~  the amazing original condition of the entire handsome case and entire watch  ~  that this was made in 1949 & retains the military design dial and of course the quality and condition of the Cal;1173 serviced bumper automatic movement!

The Cal;1173  bumper automatic is an asymmetrical shaped bumper movement ,  designed to swing more easily.
The combination of bumper automatic & large oversize solid st.steel case in 1949 is a fairly rare combination in 1940’s DOXA Watches.
While being in near mint condition it is also totally original , which is another ‘almost unusual’ aspect for most  circa 70 year old wristwatches.

If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘bumper automatic’ ,  a brief explanation  >>>>>  the earlier auto movements did not have a rotor that turned a full 360% which wound the watch.

Rather than a full rotor or full 360% turn winding the watch ,  the bumper m/ment turns around 280% before coming to a halt by “hitting a stop” – when that happens ,  one can feel it “bump” , which winds the watch  ~   hence the name bumper.

Better quality early versions will have a spring coil at either end , to cushion the impact ,  as this quality Cal;1173 has recently serviced & is running beautifully.

This Doxa Military Style 1949 AUTO Oversize 35;5m Amazing St;Steel screw down case Is one of the better st.steel cases of its age ,  made by any Swiss watch company!

The watch is sold with our free 6 months ‘peace of mind warranty’ & also is covered by our 100% money back guaranteed description!!

Original crown is also retained and from the condition of the entire watch ,  it is not difficult to come to the conclusion that this stunning Doxa Military Style 1949 AUTO Oversize 35;5m Amazing St;Steel Case watch has been lightly worn and treated with respect when it was worn!

This is a genuinely rare model Doxa and is not your standard oversize case Doxa by any means!
It is one of better st.steel cases , by any brand , from the 1940’s that you will find!

The watch ,  at this price ,  offers excellent value for money & the quality is equal and quite similar to , yet rarer & lower priced than some mid 1940s Omega!

If you have any questions regarding this genuinely rare and super handsome 1949 Doxa  Auto with great St;Steel Case  ~  please email and we will respond promptly.