Early Victorian Rose Gold Lovers Knot Antique Brooch


This is a Classic piece  of antique jewellery  ~  with this Early Victorian Rose Gold Lovers Knot Antique Brooch having it’s origins dating back centuries ,  although this brooch dates to c1840’s & is an especially fine example!

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This Early Victorian Rose Gold Lovers Knot Antique Brooch has romantic origins ,  pre-dating the brooch by centuries!

If there is one universal symbol for love that has had known no borders and survived for hundreds & hundreds , if not thousands of years   ~   It must be the age old Lover’s Knot.
The lover’s knot has a long and interesting history!

Some legends indicate that sailors were the first to introduce braided rope and knotted jute in the form of a love knot for their beloved as they sailed the high seas.
{hence the embossed decoration to this piece , to simulate rope!}.

Crewmen on ships would use their knot-tying skills in order to impress their lovers as they counted the days before returning home from voyages at sea.

This attractive piece dates to c1840’s / 50’s the condition is excellent with no issues to the piece at all.

At approx;   34  x  30  x  10 m’s deep and weighing 7.25 grams  ~   this 9ct gold Early Victorian Rose Gold Lovers Knot Antique Brooch is a substantial size and by no means a small example.

The very appealing aesthetic is enhanced by the decades and decades old patina that only time can achieve!     A minor partial & careful clean may be preferred by some  ~  yet I would suggest that the purchaser wait until handling the beautiful brooch before deciding whether it is necessary or not.

Another piece that may be worn at different angles so to speak ,  allowing some options that not all brooches offer.   Also having a slightly serpent / snake appearance.
Not enough younger ladies , 20’s & 30’s ,  wear or appreciate antique brooches ,   in my opinion at least.

With such a huge & diverse array of good antique brooches to choose from ,  with many looking great worn on lapels & especially as ‘scarf clips’  ~  there are thousands of great antique & even some vintage brooches that will accentuate most looks!    Good antique brooches are due for a full blown ‘come back’   within the next few years ,  I believe!

This Early Victorian Rose Gold Lovers Knot Antique Brooch is a very attractive piece when handled & the glow of the 9ct rose gold is very appealing & looks fantastic indeed!
A strong firm clasp secures the brooch while remaining unseen through the brooch.

Yet another quality 19thC piece being sold for around HALF the PRICE  that you will find anywhere else in Oz.   ~  for an equal or genuinely comparable piece.
At just  au$785 for this 160+ year old 7.25 gram gold brooch   ~   I suggest that you will not find one of genuinely equal standard anywhere in Australia under $950 ,   although you will probably find some around $1,500 to $2,000.

If you have any questions to ask  Or  if you would like to purchase this very handsome early Victorian Rose Gold Lovers Knot Antique Brooch  ~  please email for a prompt response.


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