Estate Diamond & Platinum Solatire .25ct Ring


A Fine  Estate Diamond & Platinum .25ct Ring  @  an Unbeatable Price ~  for This quality & size diamond Engagement Ring   @   au$575!


A Fine example of an  Estate Diamond & Platinum Solitaire  .25ct Ring  in Great condition.


This solitaire diamond engagement ring is not only a Very attractive diamond solitaire ring that remains in excellent condition   ~   it is also offered at a straight up Unbeatable price ,  for this grade & size of diamond!

Measuring up  @  a lil over  .25ct’s of solitaire diamond ,  this ring looks Fantastic on hand & will make many girls heart a flutter ……….. when presented by the Right man of course!

I would suggest that IF you like this ring ,  to take your time to utilize Google & compare Our price ~ to that of Any similar shop throughout Oz  &  see what you will pay for this Estate Diamond & Platinum .25ct Ring  elsewhere in any Capital City throughput Australia.

Simply type in our heading ,  then add a city  …….  for example  ~    “Estate Diamond & Platinum Solitaire .25ct Ring  Melbourne”    &  start comparing ,  you may well be Very surprised  @  just how much money you will save when buying  from  HOBART TOWN ANTIQUE JEWELLERY.

This is a Quality diamond & IF you may need it re-sized & you are able to call into our shop ,  we are able to re-size it for a nominal cost of $10 ~ if you are buying this as an engagement ring.     Who say’s  romance has died??  ~  Only the non romantic!

This Very attractive  Estate Diamond & Platinum Solitaire  .25ct Ring  {slightly over .25} ~  holds a substantial sized diamond  &  may surprise when viewed in person!     It is Not a small diamond by any means!

With this Quality platinum &  .25 ct solitaire diamond ring being offered  @  such a Genuinely great price  ~   I would suggest that If you may have any questions that you would like to ask regarding this gorgeous solitaire engagement ring ,  please do so via email   ~   for a Prompt response.