Estate multi Diamond Set 18ct Gold & Plat; Ring


A well made & attractive Estate multi Diamond Set 18ct Gold & Plat; Ring  in good cond;


This well made Estate multi Diamond Set 18ct Gold & Plat; Ring looks beautiful on hand.

Remaining in great condition , it is a solid & well made ring with zero condition concerns , now or into the future.    Combined with the beauty & quality of the materials used ,  this is an Ideal Engagement ring  &  will ,  no doubt ,  look Fantastic alongside a wedding band when the big day arrives!

It covers a considerable area of approx;  15mm’s x 5.25   ~   with wall to wall diamonds set in platinum to stand out even more.  Weighing approx;  3.7 gm’s , it has  good weight as well as strength for a ring of this design ,  as some can be lighter in weight – with less gold content.

At a  size  ‘N’   ,   there are no issues with re-sizing this ring either way , down or up  &  we are happy to do so on Any ring purchased from us for a nominal  $20 ~  Down  or  Up  ~  a fixed fee of  $20 to re~size any ring purchased from us  {assuming the ring Can be re-sized}.

Firm claws hold the Dozen Diamonds in securely & again there are no issues with these as well.    The diamonds are bright & radiate light well ,  Especially when you consider that this ring was Not cleaned prior to the photographs being taken  ,  Yes   ~   another one that got thru without being cleaned before we took the images shown here.

So this Attractive Estate multi Diamond Set 18ct Gold & Plat; Ring  will look much brighter & cleaner once it has been properly cleaned.

Due to the design & size of the ring , it may been worn on it’s own very successfully Or it may be worn alongside another ring on the same finger  ~  at least you have the choice , the option with this ring  ……. that cannot be said for all ‘engagement rings’   ………………  Obviously the  ‘ideal other ring’  would be a wedding band , which we have some excellent examples of {not all are on-line}

With an approx;  total carat weight of  .50ct’s   ~  I.E.   Half a full carat of quality diamonds   ~~   this is an attractive & well made 18ct gold & platinum ,  Diamond vintage ring that  actually presents as a much more expensive ring than what it is being sold for!     It has  The right look   & substance as well.

If you have any questions regarding this Estate multi Diamond Set 18ct Gold & Plat; Ring   that remains in Gr8 condition ………… please email for a Prompt response.