Exceptional Vintage MARVIN Over Size Military Chronograph All Original c1939


This Exceptional Vintage MARVIN Over Size Military Chronograph All Original c1939 Rarity really does sit upon the Top Shelf of late 1930’s 2 register Swiss chronographs!

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What an Exceptional Vintage MARVIN Over Size Military Chronograph All Original c1939 wristwatch this one is!


It is also an extremely rare watch as well.

Have you been ‘holding off’  purchasing  ‘your special watch’ ??
Well this Mighty Marvin is genuinely worthy of your serious consideration!

Whether to your tastes or not ,  there can be no denying that this superior grade watch is a true classic & worthy of any true vintage watch collection known!

View the numerous images that we have provided for you ,  to enable you to form an accurate & detailed ‘understanding’ of this genuinely exceptional 1930’s Marvin Chronograph.

We , unlike so many ,  would never expect a customer / potential customer to make a considerable outlay going off 4 photos & a 50 word description.   We would not enjoy being placed in ‘that position’  ,  so we cannot expect to make any potential customers of our’s  to do so with our stock!

With one of it’s many attributes being ,  this stunning chronograph remains as true & honest as any watch of this age can ever be expected to be!
It is in fantastic condition & looks amazing when viewed in person!

With each & every year the ticks by  {pun intended}  watches such as this Exceptional Vintage MARVIN Over Size Military Chronograph All Original c1939 are becoming much more difficult to source  ………..  in ‘untouched’ Original condition especially!

With the “current bad trend” , with several purveyors of vintage watches,   to have the dials looking “as ‘good’ & clean as possible”  ~  that many , foolishly ,  re-paint the dials on these genuinely Iconic watches ……… which in reality ,  is going close to ruining the entire watch!

There are no such concerns with this handsome Marvin late 1930’s  / very early 40’s Classic Military / Aviators Over Size Chronograph.

At approx;  38m  wooc it is a great size chrono!
Signed in 3 places & with Zero doubts to it’s total originality ,  having the dial , movement & case all correctly marked is another good aspect to this stunning wristwatch.

Fantastic White on Black original dial  ……  with ‘Handsome As’ Bregeut Arabic numerals add greatly to the design of the ‘perfect dial’ !
Original vivid white hands ,  chrono sweep & register hands are all retained.

Appealing ‘snail trail’ internal tachymeter with telemeter outer chapter ring ,  all White on Black  and  ‘all perfect’!

The entire dial sets this stunning MARVIN  apart from the majority of similar priced 1930’s chronograph’s on the market today!!

Fine original elliptical pushers ,  solid/strong stainless steel & chromium 38m case remains in truly excellent condition throughout ,  as is the entire watch ,  with the camera having Grossly Exaggerated the “marks”  to the case!

I cannot stress strongly enough that the case & entire watch resents Far better than the current images suggest  ……  especially the case aspect!

The Very Last thing you will see when handling this watch ,  is the ‘marks to the case’   ~   They really are of Zero concern  >>>>>>  even more so when you consider this stunning time piece is approx;  eighty years of age!!

Fitted with an early leather strap that looks great & suits the watch perfectly.
We will shortly be treating the leather with a natural revive-er ,  to add more life & natural oils back into the handsome early vintage strap!

Being powered by the ‘Top Shelf’ Marvin Cal;369  Nine teeth column shaft ,  signed , movement and as you would almost expect  >>>>>>>  it is running beautifully ,  even prior to being inspected , timed & regulated , cleaned & serviced …………. yet with chronographs of this value  >>>>  ‘our in-house rule’  is to totally inspect , time & service any chronograph of this approx; value  >>>>  out of respect for the piece ,  the customer & ourselves  …  as we all deserve as much!

Further images added shortly ,  if this Stunning & Exceptional Vintage MARVIN Over Size Military Chronograph All Original c1939 is still available at that stage.

Marvin watch Co were one of the world’s leading watchmakers , especially chronographs ,  of the 1920’s 30’s and into the 1940’s .

Although , not surprisingly ,  they are not as widely known by the ‘general vintage watch buying public’ as their bigger budgeted contemporaries they often made watches that were equal too & in many cases {pun intended}  watches that were superior to Rolex & their ilk !!!

Of course the Rolex groupies will swallow their tongues at that Fact ,  those with more pen minds or perhaps more ‘broadly read’ minds …. will no doubt “get what I am referring too”.

This Exceptional Vintage MARVIN Over Size Military Chronograph All Original c1939 gents watch is a genuinely very rare model & although I believe you may struggle to find more than one to compare this too ,  I suggest that if you are genuinely interested in this watch  >>>

that you persevere & continue to search to compare this to any Genuinely EQUAL Marvin/Or Equal chronograph to gain an understanding of both the true value that this watch & price offers  &  also the rarity & superb aesthetics of this Stunning & Exceptional Vintage MARVIN Over Size Military Chronograph All Original c1939!

Then ,  if you have any questions or would like to purchase this Classic Military ~ Aviators Chronograph  ~  please email & we will respond promptly.


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