Extraordinarily Rare Omega Patria 1940’s Black Dial Chronograph

Extraordinarily Rare Omega Patria 1940’s Black Dial Chronograph in excellent , hardly worn condition.  ***  SORRY , NO LONGER AVAILABLE ***

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What an Extraordinarily Rare Omega Patria 1940’s Black Dial Chronograph stunner this one is.

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With the vintage watch manufacturing history being one of the most complex , ‘incestuous’  and unrecorded histories of all manufacturing industries of the late 19th and first half of the 20thC    ~   combined with the relatively recent collecting genre of “vintage wristwatches”  …..  it is little wonder that the majority of what there is to know ,  is not yet know by anyone!

With Louis Brandt , the Father of Omega watches ,  registering the main brand name of PATRIA some 50 years {approx}  Before he registered the trade name of OMEGA  ….. Combined with the actual meaning / translation of Patria ,  there can be No misunderstanding on who came first and what their initial intended roles in the brilliant mind of Mr.Omega  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Louis Brandt.

Patria translates to , loosely ……   ‘Father of /  ‘Patriarch’  {isn’t too hard to see where is comes from}  my and others research makes me come to the very firm , if not the obvious conclusion that PATRIA was Louis Brandt’s first choice of major trading name …. so many years.

Yet for reasons unknown ,  after he finally registered the OMEGA brand name ,  some 48 or 50 years after doing the same with PATRIA  ……….  he decided to use their Omega brand name as their No.1 brand name / trade mark moving into the 20thC.

This truly Extraordinarily Rare Omega Patria 1940’s Black Dial Chronograph is ,  without a shadow of a doubt ,  the best example of any Patria wristwatch that I have ever encountered ,  whether that is in person ,  reference books or even the internet  …. None have come close to this stunner!

If this handsome chronograph has ever been worn ,  it was very very seldom and treated with great respect …….  as the condition is simply exceptional ,  especially for a 70 year old chronograph!

Running beautifully with All functions operating equally as beautifully …………. whomever is savvy enough to purchase this Ultra rarity ,  will be extremely pleased with their choice when the watch is in their hands  >>>>>>>>>  it presents considerably better in person than these images suggest ,  even though it looks great in the images ….. it is super impressive when handled or on your wrist!

At approx; 37m  wooc and with very single aspect being 100% original and 100% spot on ….. this really is one handsome 1940’s wrist chronograph which remains in exceptional original condition!

Omega case and case back {SADA}  ,  with the Patria company being basically next door to the Omega factory and with Patria being a wholly owned subsidiary of Omega ,  there can be no denying the origins of this ‘investment grade chronograph’ !!

As initially mentioned ,  we will add further info etc ASAP ,  yet in the meantime if you have any qeustions regarding this truly Extraordinarily Rare Omega Patria 1940’s Black Dial Chronograph please email and we will reply ASAP.

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