Extremely Rare 1930s Escasany Chronograph Oversize Mono Pusher


This Extremely Rare 1930s Escasany Chronograph Oversize Mono Pusher is one seriously handsome & rare watch.
With its original Breitling / Hahn Cal;11 column wheel movement running strong and functioning beautifully!


This exact model is an extremely rare 1930s Escasany Chronograph Oversize Mono Pusher and early , handsome chronograph sourced by  HOBART TOWN.

The ‘unusual dial name’ of Escasany being the ” South American Tiffany’s ”  ~  they were the richest , biggest & most highly regarded manufacturing & import jewellers in south America and one of the biggest in the world!

This early Escasany monopusher chronograph is an especially handsome and fine quality wristwatch and really does present beautifully when viewed in person ,  compared to the present images ………… it has a great antique aesthetic!
Dating to the late 1920’s to early 1930’s.

This handsome extremely rare 1930s Escasany chronograph oversize mono pusher literally one of my favourite watches that we have in stock at the time of writing!
Presents as solid gold , great antique patina and a beautiful aesthetic to the entire watch with top quality Breitling Hahn column wheel movement {details further below}.

Take note of the Escasany building!
It is hard to believe that their amazing showrooms & manufacturing base encompassed this huge and impressive 19thC building.
The Casa Escasany ,  House of Escasany ,  with it’s oddly situated clock  ~ was of the most grand purpose built homes to any jewellery house ever built anywhere in the world!

Try and keep in mind when viewing the Grande Casa Escasany images ,  that what you are admiring is indeed a manufacturing jewellers & watchmakers   ~   not an office block etc!
They occupied every single storey and room within their magnificent Casa Escasany!

Escasany where one of the most prestigious , elite purveyors of superb jewellery & fine Swiss watches in the world when this superb chronograph was made and sold.

They had 1,500 employees and branches in all provinces of Argentina.
Remembering that Argentina was one of the wealthiest & strongest economies in the world &  Buenos Aires was often referred to as Paris in South America.

Escasany , like many other major players ,  imported finished watches from Switzerland already dialled and in this instance ,  making the case themselves  ~  then sold from their Grande Casa Escasany.
The same / similar to Wakmann , Tiffany , LeCoultre ,  Meister , Turler , Gubelin etc etc yet very few if any made their own cases  and even fewer to this quality.

This is a class act ,  all the way through ,  being powered by a rare ,  early & highly desirable Hahn Landeron Cal;11  an early late 20’s ~ early 1930’s column wheel movement running and functioning beautifully  ~  with 45 minute timing capability!

In 1924 Charles Hahn purchased the patents of Anatole Breitling and began producing wrist chronograph movements.
This movement production company registered the name Landeron.
Landeron column wheel chronograph movements were famous and the company supplied these movements to many different Swiss brand names and various nations armed forces
Including the Cal;11 and 13 they owned the Breitling patents and Landeron were the main supplier of column wheel chronograph movements to the world up until the 1930’s.

The Cal; 11 which powers this handsome 40m classic mono pusher remains in excellent running condition {having been serviced} and the chrono aspect operates perfectly , with the chrono sweep returning to dead middle of the 12.
Running like a well maintained 1930’s Rolls Royce engine!

A large 40m , fantastic straight sided swing lug rose rolled gold case of beautiful design and condition with sharp edges and a great patina to the rose gold   ~   an absolute cracker of a case ……….. making the Extremely Rare 1930s Escasany Chronograph Oversize Mono Pusher an absolute cracker of a watch in every aspect.

The swing lugged case in rose gold with a great patina  and such a big size …… combined with the fantastic original dial with all original hands & small registers  ….. makes this stunning watch one very impressive watch when handled or strapped to your wrist!

This is one seriously handsome watch and yet another genuine rarity on offer at HOBART TOWN.

Now fitted with a quality new leather fixed lug strap ,  as per the last two images with black background.

This extremely rare 1930s Escasany chronograph oversize mono pusher 40m rose rolled gold watch ticks every single box that there is to tick ,  when it comes to quality , running / functioning condition , appearance and a near unique watch.

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