Extremely Rare Antique Reverse Intaglio Essex Crystal 10ct Double Locket

This Extremely Rare Antique Reverse Intaglio Essex Crystal 10ct Double Locket with Tiger Cub is one of the best examples of this secret skill that you will ever encounter ,  literally !!
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This ‘cute as’  piece aslo happens to be an Extremely Rare Antique Reverse Intaglio Essex Crystal 10ct Double Locket !

***** No Longer Available *****

It also happens to be one that you will not find again anytime soon ,  if ever at all !!   Yes  ~  it is genuinely that rare!!

*** FIRSTLY ~  IF you would like further information regarding the amazing “secret art” & now lost art of Reverse Carved Intaglio’s there is a fairly detailed history at the bottom of this listing.

The absolute rarity of this beautiful and widely collected &  Extremely Rare Antique Reverse Intaglio Essex Crystal 10ct Double Locket cannot be overstated.

Who doesn’t like a Tiger Cub ??
I would think not too many people.
Rather than the ‘garden variety’  stick pins with dogs , cats , birds etc  ~  even the ‘subject matter’ is a genuinely rare feature / subject  and I know of only 2 that have ever been online or can be found on line.  Two  &  that includes this one!!

The piece is  “spot on”  in every single aspect of the piece.
The two most important aspects ,  the carving & painting as as good as you could ever expect to find!    
Naturally that has a major bearing on the piece ,  it’s quality / desirability /  &  value.
Both the carving & painting to this Extremely Rare Antique Reverse Intaglio Essex Crystal 10ct Double Locket are as good as you could hope for.

The reverse carving ,  apart from being an extremely difficult thing to do ,  has been exceedingly well acomplished on this piece.
Note how it changes appearance considerably  ~  depending upon which angle it s viewed from!

With 1 example of that fact being how when viewed straigh on ,  the Tiger Cub’s mouth appears just a little opened.     Then when viewed from a lower angle  ~  you can see into the cub’s mouth , literally , much more so than from any other angle!
Reverse carved intaglios was one of the most difficult & secretive skills of the 19thC  and you are encouraged to read further info at the bottom of this listing to help gain an appreciation of the lost art.

The fact that it is a 10ct gold double sided photo locket ,  automatically places in on the Top Shelf of rareness for reverse carved intaglio’s.
The condition is also as good as you could ever hope to find on such a 130+ year old example.

Made with a mother of pearl backing {to the rock crystal} to enhance the Tiger cub.
Hinges & loop are perfect.   The front has had a yellow gold wash ,  when made ,  yet the entire piece is made from 10ct Rose Gold   ~   although not hallmerked it tests very strong for 10ct gold & more than likely has a higher gold content than 10ct  ~  though not 14ct ,  it is porbably 12ct approx;   {not all antique gold jewelelry matches the hallmark perfectly ,  often being 1ct or so above what is stated}.

There is not one aspect of this exceptional & Extremely Rare Antique Reverse Intaglio Essex Crystal 10ct Double Locket that isn’t “spot on” !!     Amazingly ,  it could take 250 independant tools to create this reverse carved intaglio  ……. that’s without the locket aspect & solely relates to obtaining & perfectly the end result of the rock crystal {further , interesting , info at base of page}

You will see that good quality Small examples such as Stick Pins Or Brooches sell for US$3,000 ,  $4,000 & $5,000  &  above  {Approx; au$4,000 ,  au$5,350 ,  au$6,600 ….. for stick pins & brooches!

$$$$  IF you are Genuinely interested in this stunning piece and have not been able to find appropriate links to validate our claims as to pricing  ~  we are happy to provide current links that will clrealy validate such claims re-pricing & rarity of this piece!

Bearing in mind that  ……. 1} The fact that double sided opening , solid gold ,  photo lockets with reverse carved Intaglio’s are the very rarest forms of All reverse carved intaglio’s. {Try & find One!!}
2} The Tiger Cub subject matter is one of the rarest {& most popular/sought after} ‘subject matters’ for reverse carved intaglio’s / Essex crystals.  {Who doesn’t like a Tiger Cub}.

3} The fact that the interior is not just 100% original ,  retaining the original crystal covers & gold lift out frames  ……. I strongly believe that the photo lockets have Never been used ,  not once in their 130+ year old life span thus far !!

Without any “salesmanship” ,  this Extremely Rare Antique Reverse Intaglio Essex Crystal 10ct Double Locket  ~  using fine examples of reverse carved Intaglio’s on the market today & in recent years  ~  this extremely Rare piece must be at least 50%  Below it’s Real Value  &  apart from any rarity aspect ,   apart from any exceedingly good value ……. this stunning piece is just that ……. stunningly beautiful & an amazing work of miniature art ,  literally!

Weighing around double or triple the weight of others ,  at approx; 14.8 grams  ~  you will not find any with a better gold weight!!
Being approx;  48 mms when  opened {does not open to dble single width due to hinge}   x   27.5  wide x  13.5 deep {top of crystal to bottom edge}   x  31 with single affixed loop.

To ask any questions  Or  to purchase this exceptional & Extremely Rare Antique Reverse Intaglio Essex Crystal 10ct Double Locket please email and we will reply in a timely manner.



The making of reverse carved crystals is said to have begun in Europe, and the process has been attributed to a Belgian artist named Emile Marius Pradier. Some of Pradier’s early pieces were signed, which makes them particularly appealing. Such was the beginning of a treasured art form which evolved into incredible works of art in miniature.

Around 1860, Thomas Cooke began making crystals for Lambeth and Company in England. The crystals gained immediate favor, and as their popularity increased, Cooke trained a student to assist him.

This student – Thomas Bean – later trained his own son and subsequently his grandson in the crystal making process. This process has almost always been a family enterprise and is one of the few art forms of modern times to develop in secrecy, the techniques being passed on from one generation to the next.

Yet today, with very few artisans possessing either the knowledge or the ability to produce crystals, the process of reverse intaglio is considered to be one of the highest art forms.

At one time, these crystals were wrongfully attributed to William Essex, an artist well known for his miniature enamel work. Although he had no connection to the reverse intaglio process, many people commonly refer to Essex crystals even today. The precise physical process of crafting these amazing pieces is a long and tedious one.

{{Extremely Rare Antique Reverse Intaglio Essex Crystal 10ct Double Locket}}

Rock crystal is cut with diamond saws and then ground to the perfect cabochon. This procedure could take as many as twenty different grades of polish, and the entire process is done by hand. Once the stone is shaped, the design is drawn on the reverse side of the crystal with water color. The image is then etched into the piece of stone with a scribe pencil. The engraving begins with handmade soft steel tools. As many as 250 of these tools may be used to execute this process.

The crystal is then carved with a paste made from a combination of oil and diamond dust. When the image has been completed to the artist’s satisfaction, he begins painting the crystal. Just as in the carving phase, the painting is done in reverse. Sometimes the brushes that are used have only a single hair.
These crystals are highly collectible and very sought after, with  this Extremely Rare Antique Reverse Intaglio Essex Crystal 10ct Double Locket is close to being as good as they come ,  Literally!



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