Extremely Rare Doxa Doctors Chronograph Cadecus ~ Aesculapius Backed 1948 Watch

This Extremely Rare Doxa Doctors Chronograph Caduceus ~ Aesculapius Backed 1948.

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This Extremely Rare Doxa Doctors Chronograph Caduceus ~ Aesculapius Backed 1948 Watch is one seriously rare watch!


If you have been waiting for “something special”  to come along   ~  well this may well be it!
As this 1948 Doxa is certainly a Special watch!!

Maker to some of the most stylish and innovative watches of the 20thC ,  Doxa   ~   This handsome watch is among the rarest of all Doxa made and all vintage Doctors chronograph watches of the period in general !!

There are generally three separate styles of “Doctors watches”  during the 1920’s to 1940’s.
1} Being the “two dial” Tank shape versions.
2} Round dial millisecond markings with long seconds sweep
3} Chronographs or regulator chronographs with pulsation meters {plus some ‘avant garde’ versions}.

This Doxa is among the most accurate genuine Doctors watches made at that point in time!

One thing that you will truly struggle to find ,  anywhere ,  is a 1940’s chronograph by a leading company {at the time of manufacture} in good original condition with a Caduceus or Aesculapius impressed to the case back!

Screaming at all & sundry that this handsome watch was made for a medical doctor ,  such a beautiful design it is difficult to understand why it was not used more often on real vintage Doctor’s watches!

The beautiful design is correctly called a Caduceus & incorrectly associated with the medical profession!

What ,  I here some say!?
It has been falsely associated with the medical profession by none other than the country that simply loves “alternative facts” & has “world war 3 in a suit”  running the show.
Poor citizens!

The correct symbol that represents the medical profession is the “staff of Aesculapius   or  Rod of Aesculapius”.  Which is one snake coiled around a rod or ‘staff’ and not the two that has snaked it’s way into the 21stC   ‘alternate facts’ list.   {couldn’t help that one}
Not that it matters at all yet it may save someone an email to explain it to me! lol.
Apparently only around 5% of Doctors are aware of that ,  so it doesn’t matter to watch collectors..

This Extremely Rare Doxa Doctors Chronograph Caduceus ~ Aesculapius Backed 1948 Watch does matter though.
The case is as good as Or better than any I can recall seeing on a 1940’s Chronograph!

View the many images that we have have added {1.5 hours to take , edit , name & upload just the 17 or 18 images , per listing}  that we have provided for our customers & potential customers to enable them / You to make an informed decision &/Or to assist You with your research & learning in general!
Unlike to Vast Majority of shops & sites within Oz  ~  we are not ‘that lazy or self centered’  to only provide you with 2 or 3 images & expect you to make a $4,000 , $5,000 or more decision on a vintage watch!

Thick , solid & chunky st.steel  lug’s  which look great ,  combined with the thick solid & good sized 35 m Stainless Steel case with original Doxa crown ,  correct serial numbered case and brand mark & of course that stunning & unique symbol of a Caduceus to the back!!
This one ticks every single box that there is to tick !

Fitted with it’s original Landeron movement which is in fine , clean & beautifully functioning condition.  Recently serviced and sold with our free 6 months warranty.

100% Original & Extremely Rare Doxa Doctors Chronograph Caduceus ~ Aesculapius Backed 1948 Watch  >>>>>>>>>> including dial , shaped hands , register hands & seconds sweep , pushers , crown , case , case back & movement  ~  100%!
And Guaranteed to be so!

The watch still retains good colour to the pulsations meter , anti magnetic script , brand name and the Arabic numerals  ~   and looks Amazing in person!!
Minor wear yet that is to be expected and indeed wanted!!

If you can find another  Doxa Doctors Chronograph with Caduceus ~ Aesculapius backed Watch in better condition & price ,  I will be seriously surprised as this is one of the rarest Doxa’s  ever made!

This watch will only ever become more appealing , more sought after , ‘more rare’  & of course that usually results in  ….. more valuable.

Fitted with a quality , new calf skin black leather strap  ~  it accentuates the dial & colours  beautifully.

Running & functioning beautifully ,  with the chrono sweep returning to rest right in the middle of  12   ~   this Extremely Rare Doxa Doctors Chronograph Caduceus ~ Aesculapius Backed 1948 Watch  “does not only look the goods  ~  it delivers the goods as well”  !!

Priced at a seriously good price ~ I am happy to guarantee you that you will not find another Extremely Rare Doxa Doctors Chronograph Caduceus ~ Aesculapius Backed 1948 Watch in better condition ,  at a better price ,  anywhere !!!

This watch is a genuine & guaranteed investment grade watch & the type of true vintage watch that will only increase in popularity , demand & of course value  &  we have no hesitation in stating that fact & guaranteeing that fact also!!

Please email if you have any questions & we will respond promptly.

WE ARE HAPPY TO PROVIDE ‘TIME TO SETTLE’  &  WILL ALWAYS ASSIST WHEN POSSIBLE. Naturally , and as always , we guarantee the above description with our 100% Money Back Guaranteed Descriptions!

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