Rare Omega Gold~Capped Bumper Auto ~ Guilloche Enamel Dial

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Rare Omega Gold~Capped Bumper Auto with ‘Fantastic Fancy Dial’  &  in superb Original condition ,  c1948.  This is yet another  Uber Rare Omega that we have Located!


A VeryRare Omega Gold~Capped Bumper Auto ~ Guilloche Enamel Dial  ,   c1948.
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This is a genuine & Very Rare  Guilloche enamel dial with engraved surface & enamelled over the engraved pattern {not textured dial}   & being correctly called guilloche enamel & almost Never seen on Omega watches!    Let me assure you that the watch presents Far better in person than these photo’s indicate!!     Some watch dials  “Love the camera”  Others really do Not like it at all ………… this one fall’s more in the latter category  &  as a result ,  it presents considerably Better than these pic’s indicate it will.

If you search the net you will find some Omega watches that state that they have Guilloche enamel dial ,  Yet Most are not at all !

They have enamel over a textured dial ~ I.E.  waffle or honeycomb dial , Not metal & therefore NOT Guilloche enamel.   Which can Only be done using a Metal base with engraved pattern Into the Metal & enamel  is very carefully applied ,  several times  ,  & baked  via a High temperature specific oven ,  kiln , every time a layer of enamel is applied!     Similar to French polishing , yet without the kiln but with ‘cutting back’ between each layer of shellac.

It is a laborious ,  time consuming & therefore very expensive process  &  no doubt that fact must have played a major in Omega deciding not to put these into  full scale production.   A  very attractive watch resulted when done well ,   Yet once again …… the cost involved with this  Rare Omega ‘Guilloche Enamel Dial’ Bumper Auto would have been far too restrictive.

Ω  certainly ‘got it right’  when matching this dial with this actual case too.  Far more so than 18ct gold ,  this case is not only Rarer than an 18ct case  ~  it has a much more ‘artistic’  ,  eye catching  &  stylish aesthetic  ~  than an all gold case or all st.steel case.    The contrast of the gold bezel p & lugs  with st.steel sides of the case  &  gold crown ,  st.steel back & under lugs  looks not only  absolutely Fantastic   but it is also 100%   Unique to Omega!

This is the rarest of all the Omega Gold Capped Case designs as it has the St.steel sides & gold crown ,  where as the Majority of Omega Gold Capped Cases do not ,  they have all gold “upper half’  & st.steel backs & under lugs.

When you consider every aspect of this Uber Rare Omega Gold~Capped Bumper Auto ~ Guilloche Enamel Dial ,  you realise just why I am calling it such.    1}The dial is exceptionally rare with guilloche enamel out chapter.    2} The Omega Gold Capped case with  st.steel side case.    3} The totally Unique Inscription {which I see as a definite  positive}   4} 1940’s bumper automatic movement ,  only about half a dozen years after automatic wristwatches were invented.    5} The beautiful genuine patina to the uber rare Guilloche enamel dial ,  yet only to the center of course.      On top of those 5 points ,  there is also the total condition of the watch  &  it’s 100% Originality!

The Classic 1940s dial has aged Beautifully & very evenly & has developed  “That Look”  that vintage watch collectors love!   To the very centre of the watch where the hands are their widest the dial has aged a Touch less ,  yet this is rarely visible apart from in magnified photo’s such as these!

The case is an Omega original &  Unique Omega “Gold Capped” case  {Not gold plated or gold filled}  &  looks absolutely stunning   ~   with the Gr8 colour contrast of the gold  &  st.steel  ~  the gold crown …… it really does look amazingly good!   At approx;  34 mm’s without crown ,  it is a good size watch.

A Very interesting inscription the the rear of the handsome case & is done Extremely well ,  almost as though it has  “been stamped into”  the case ,   very appealing.   The watch was awarded as the  “Les Bale Award”  ‘CASES’   “Most Valuable Player of the Year 1950″   To  Don Zamelini  51 {player #} .       With American College football & college sport in general being a  ‘Major American Institution’  for many decades with Massive sums of money now generated by college sports.

CASE COLLEGE  produced several  American sporting stars over the years with some going on to top national status.    You can get just an idea of the status & money involved by looking at this amazing & Extremely Rare Omega watch   ~~  awarded as an annual prize for a sporting school team ……??    It Must have cost a Very considerable some of money in 1950 that’s for sure!!

They didn’t just award their most valuable player of the year with an Omega Geneve or st.steel winder  ……….. No ,  they bought one of the most Unique , handsome & costly watches that they could source at the time!!    Once again ,  a Gr8 indication as to the reverence & prestige that the U.S.  afforded their college sports stars!!

Powered by the Legendary Omega 17 jewel Cal; 351  Bumper automatic  ~  this Unique watch has every single box ticked as far as collectibility is concerned!!   Original hands & seconds sweep ,  hand riveted mixed batons & Omega   Ω   Logo ,  capital  H  for Handsome ‘Omega Gold~Cased” case ,  unmolested in every respect – including the Original crown.

Omega developed & patented what they termed Gold Capped  ~  where a thick sheet of gold , a  thick veneer basically ,  was laid over the case & lugs to the top & sides of the lug’s  ,  yet the underside is left as st.steel  …………  giving an Amazing contrast  &  superb visual appeal when done well ,  as this fantastic &  Extremely Rare Omega is.

At approx;  34.5 mm’s it is a good size & very solid case ,  as the numerous images show.

This is a handsome & Rare Omega Gold~Capped Bumper Auto  351 with fantastic  case , Amazing &  rare Original dial ,  &  legendary 351 Bumper automatic ,  & dating to  c1948 ,  with a Great inscription   …….  this is a collectors treasure!

Even though this exceptional watch is a rare 1940’s Omega & Highly sought after …… we have Not priced it at the top end of the pricing scale ,  not by Any means!       At just  au$2,495   ~~  You will not find a better one @  a better price ~ not the Same as this only.

If you may have any questions that you would like to ask    ~~    I suggest that you may want to ask them promptly ,  as this will be a popular watch   ~~   Especially at this price!