Fantastic Gallet Multichron Chronograph Early 1940’s Venus 170 Original

This Fantastic Gallet Multichron Chronograph 1940’s Venus 170 Original Gents watch is an historic watch!   The World’s Oldest Watch Company   ~   Gallet !!

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This Fantastic Gallet Multichron Chronograph Early 1940’s Venus 170 Original gents watch was made by the World’s Oldest Watch Company ,   GALLET  ~


Chronograph comes from one of the most important family of watches in the evolving world of chronographs &  ‘wristwatches with complications’   ~   GALLET …..  being the leader of the pack when it all mattered!!

Yet another Rare & Interesting early vintage watch offered to the market by  Hobart Town Antique Jewellery at a price that will be very difficult to better ,   especially on such a fine original example as this!

Gallet ,  the World’s Oldest Watch Company & also one of the worlds  most revered early wrist chronographs!!
One of the most highly regarded & collectible early wrist chronographs & a Legend in the industry!

An early example with original round pushers.     Crown ,  dial , blue steel hands &  hands , signed case & movement  ~   All 100%  original  &  as they should be!     Faded red inner chapter more visible in person than in these pic’s , does not effect the chronograph function in any way what so ever.

You will find this model , if you look hard enough ,  at  us$2,900  &  $5,000+      which basically equals around  au$3,400  &  $6,400   ~~~
Once again ,   when we say that we often have the best prices possible ,  we are not talking about $100 savings!
I must stress that the originality of the watch & it’s dial is paramount ,  even more so on a watch from the 30’s & 40’s due to their increased rarity  &  therefore increased rarity of  a watch having a good original dial.

This Fantastic Gallet Multichron Chronograph Early 1940’s Venus 170 Original is not only a visually appealing vintage watch that is still a “daily wearer”   ~   it is also an ‘investment certainty’ ,  if you were not to wear it & treat it as an investment ,  wearing it on ‘special occasions’ instead.

As mentioned , more so the almost any genre of watch ,  the fact that chronographs from the 1930’s & 1940’s retain their untouched original dial surfaces is crucial in assessing the watches value & desirability!     As you can clearly see with this & All of the fine watches from the fantastic collection of vintage chronographs that we have just purchased ,  the dial on this handsome watch remains 100% original.

The “first & second” stage Gallet chronographs hold a very important place in wristwatch horology history & in particular then history & evolution of ‘wristwatches with complications’  ,  such as chronographs.

Which made  split second timing , of almost anything possible ,  all on one’s wrist…….. with uses such as the distance of enemy guns via their firing & time to the shell would explode , gives the distance to counter attack & drop bombs on their feet.

The timing of horse’s racing ,  the exact split second timing of a lap or 50 laps in a grand prix race or the Indianapolis 500 ,  a pilot’s position on the planet  and military applications by the dozens & with the entire range of applications being almost endless.

This was the  pre digital &  pre mass air travel  ,  car’s were no where near common …. yet men were walking around with tiny computers on their wrists  …… & those computers were often put to very good use  ,   in a myriad of professional ways.

Combined with the amazing aesthetics that some pre 1950’s chronographs provide … Is it any surprise that these  “pre computers” ,    computer on a wrist wristwatches are so highly prized ,   commanding thousands of U.S. $’s  {some ten’s of thousand’s of U.S.  $’s }  &  are so widely collected by literally  millions of people of all walks of life  &  on all continents & dozens of countries!??
I would  say a resounding  NO  ,  it is No surprise !

And the best computers were  GALLET.
NOTE:~  The four images attached ,  showing 1} Jim Clark ,  the U.S. racing legend & ‘his watch’.   2} GALLETS Headquarters & factory in Switzerland c1911 ,  giving an indication as to the their output ,  financial investment & size of operation.
3} Gallets Watchmakers at their benches in the late 19thC.    4}A cover of a cataloge for Gallets range of the day.

The movement in this Gallet Multichron Chronograph Early 1940’s Venus 170 Original gents watch is in excellent functional condition –  yet we are still going to service this quality Venus 170 & have it running at it’s peak optimum performance.

If you have any questions regarding this Fantastic Gallet Multichron Chronograph Early 1940’s Venus 170 Original gents watch prior to this listing being completed ,  please email & we will respond promptly.    Further images added shortly.


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