Fantastic Rare Vintage Juvenia Leather Covered Fob – Pocket Watch


A Fantastic Rare Vintage Juvenia Leather Covered Fob – Pocket Watch in excellent original condition!  An extremely rare , highly collectible quality 1930’s time piece  …. being sold below it’s true value!


Just a basic mention of this Fantastic Rare Vintage Juvenia Leather Covered Fob – Pocket Watch for now with further details & images added shortly.

This is one seriously rare collectors watch ,  made by probably the leading manufacturer of ‘avant garde shaped vintage watches’ ,  as well as other highly individual fine quality wristwatches  ~  The amazing Fabrique Juvenia , Didisheim Goldschmidt  Or  more commonly known as  simply  JUVENIA !

Such a classic 1930’s time piece  &  almost a must have for any devotee of classic & quality 1930’s  time pieces!

With this ‘cute as’  watch coming to you direct from the 1930’s  and  remaining in 100% Original condition ,  while being the only example of this exact model that we have seen ,  in erson or images of  ……..  this quality watch has a lot going for it!

Asymmetrical in design ,  with leather and st.steel case being approx;  38m in width and such a clear easy to read ‘uncluttered dial’  ……….  this is one handsome & seriously rare time piece!

Running strong & no issues with winding or setting ~   the original silver ‘leaf hands’ are 2 only ,  with no center seconds weep or sub seconds dial ………… making it a 2Hands just!

Handsome , pure 1930’s dial ,  with cross hairs style ,  easy to read Arabic numerals at the 3 hour markers and the segmented dial being such a popular & classic dial design!

Surprisingly almost ,  the entire watch remains in 100% original condition ,  with zero changes since being made ….. dial included!
Handsome segmented , 100% original ,  dial with Arabic numerals ,  cross hairs , silver leaf shape hands & no sub seconds dial or seconds sweep   ~   the handsome dial remains in ‘perfect vintage condition’  &  looks the goods!

To make this handsome ,  Fantastic Rare Vintage Juvenia Leather Covered Fob – Pocket Watch even more rare & appealing  …………….  Amazingly this handsome time piece retains it’s ‘original hand plaited leather Albert chain’  And it’s original ‘spare or alternate dress chain’ of snake link st.steel with engine turned decoration to the tab !!

I seriously doubt I or you will ever see the same 3 piece offering again ,  ever!
This set is extremely rare ,  without any exaggeration!

Designed to be used the same as earlier pocket watches ,  by sitting in one’s waistcoat ocket ,  while having the Albert chiain securing the watch by being clasped to one’s button hole on the waistcoat.

Not that too many men wear waistcoats or 3 piece suits too often in 2017 in comparison to when this rare Juvenia was made ,   this amazing Juvenia can easily be used in a more  ‘modern context’.
By keeping the watch in your jeans pocket ,  with the round leather {or st.steel}  tab being looped through a belt loop {the same as it is through the watch loop} and the watch will then sit safely and securely in your jeans pocket!

It works perfectly & has been personally tested.
The watch is running strong and keeping great vintage time & can be used on a daily basis!

This Fantastic Rare Vintage Juvenia Leather Covered Fob – Pocket Watch can also be attached to the key ring of your Ferrari  & offers a genuine & viable option …….. to wearing your time piece on your wrist!

Show your style with this seriously rare & highly collectible Juvenia vintage watch!

If you are unfamiliar with the quality that Juvenia produced ,  refer to some of their other watches we currently have &/or have had previously.

They were a top shelf Swiss watch Co;  ,  very highly regarded among their peers & known for making fine quality ,  avant garde totally ,  unique time pieces.

I also strongly recommend , if you are interested in this watch ,  to make the time to read up about Juvenia’s history and the quality of their avat garde vintage watches ,  including the Arithmo  &  their sextant watches!!

Both are highly sought after vintage watches models & renown throughout the vintage watch industry & collectors.
You can also view the 18ct gold Th;Picard Fils 1930’s chronograph which we also have at the time of writing.
Made , 100% made ,  by Juvenia  –  Th;Picard Fils were one of the few ‘brand names’  which Juvenia used at this point in time.
Oddly ,  that fact appears to be unkown by 95% of collectors & watch dealers alike!
I am not sure why that is the case ,  yet it is.

Their are no ‘uncertainties’  for the doubting Thomases out there ,  this watch was made by Juvenia & that fact is , of course ,  100% guaranteed!

Priced to make one person very happy indeed ,  the au$1,385 that we can sell this for ,  makes this Fantastic Rare Vintage Juvenia Leather Covered Fob – Pocket Watch genuinely good value for money ,  when you compare to precedents and current prices for equal Juvenia!!!

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