fantastic ww2 Omega bumper automatic Turler Roman numeral dial


This fantastic ww2 Omega bumper automatic Turler Roman numeral dial from 1944 is an exceptional collectors special , remains in perfect original condition & retains its 1944 Turler hard cased watch box !
** All Prices in  au$’s **


What a stunning and fantastic ww2 Omega bumper automatic Turler Roman numeral dial 1944 watch this one is!

A true rarity.
Becoming harder to find by the day.
Untouched original Roman numeral Turler dial in exceptional 74 year old condition!

Close to the very best example of this style of 1940’s Omega bumper that we have sold or even seen!

Complete with a rarely seen 1940s Turler hard cased box!
The hard cased Turler box also remains in fantastic original condition ,  just as the watch is!

** We have removed the stretch band and replaced it with a new Omega branded strap and buckle which also has an Omega  Ω  logo  ~  with the brown Ω strap suiting the watch far better for contemporary tastes.

This fantastic ww2 Omega bumper automatic Turler Roman numeral dial is a10 out of 10 example of an early double branded dial.
Turler was one of Europe’s most prestigious upmarket retailers of fine watches and jewellery and had special relationships with several of the world’s leading horologists.

The watch was made during WW2 ,  in 1944 and remains in perfect vintage condition.
I am very tempted to say that you will never find a better example of a Omega watch pre- 1945 , condition wise …… as it is in totally remarkable and 100% original condition! 

A great St.Steel oversize case {Ref;2398} with zero damage , original ‘priests hat crown’ , original syringe hands , a large sub seconds dial and great down turned lugs!

The Case is mint.
The Dial is mint.
The Movement is mint.
The Turler case is near mint.

The bumper auto 30.10RA PC is running beautifully and keeping great vintage time.
Often known to keep chronometer grade time ~ with 1/2 million chronometer graded 28.10 RA PC ‘s & 30.10RA PC ‘s made between 1943 and 1949.

This model was made with Arabic numerals or the much rarer Roman numerals  ~  with the Roman numeral dial being far harder to find ,  let alone in this mint condition!
This exact model were made in St.Steel or 18kt gold only.

The slightly oversize 35m St.Steel case is in remarkable and all original condition ,  having never been re-polished.
Even though the steel bracelet is a better than average example ,  I would assume it was added to the watch some 5 or 10 years after the watch was initially sold.

A brown , tan or black leather strap may suit the watch better in 2018 and we are happy to supply a black leather strap if required.

This is a seriously rare 100% original example of an early Omega automatic Ref;2398 with Roman numerals , from 1944 , and a true collectors watch!

Being sold at a genuinely good price and complete with our complimentary warranty..

** We encourage you to try to find a genuinely equal example and to compare prices and of course the ‘untouched original condition’.

If you are looking for a special collectors example of an early Omega or ww2 Omega bumper automatic of special merit ……….. this watch is worthy of serious consideration!

Please email with any questions and we will respond in a timely manner.

A fantastic ww2 Omega bumper automatic Turler Roman numeral dial 1944 oversize watch complete with 40’s Turler box  ~  offers genuine value for the quality , rarity and aesthetics when compared to other major brands 40s watches , with the same credentials!