Fine 9ct Gold Vintage English 9ct Gold Stylised Snake Amulet Bangle


Fine Vintage English 9ct Gold Stylised Snake Bracelet Amulet Bangle of  superior quality, in excellent original condition.
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This Vintage English 9ct Gold Stylised Snake Bracelet Amulet Bangle is not only one of the most attractive gold vintage stylised snake amulets or bangles that you will find!

It is also one of the most practical & strongest that you will encounter!

Offering versatility & options that other forms of bangles or bracelets simply cannot provide.    With the fact that this very appealing Vintage English 9ct Gold Stylised Snake Bracelet Amulet Bangle may be worn as a bangle on the wrist  ~  Or alternatively ,  wear it on the bicep and make it’s beauty stand out for all to see!

The vast majority of the 19thC examples & early 20thC as well are almost always bent or damaged in one or several aspects ,   due to the nature of their construction.

Whereas with this very cleverly designed Vintage English 9ct Gold Stylised Snake Bracelet Amulet Bangle the secret to it’s perfect condition , for a circa 50 yr old 9ct gold stylised serpent amulet , the secret lays in the centre of this gorgeous piece with a very thin light steel coil , with memory, giving this ruby eyed 9ct gold serpent ‘a backbone’ that most others snake’s simply do not have ………..  hence the condition!

This truly beautiful piece will fit most ladies arm’s & without any doubt whatsoever ,  will look absolutely fantastic when worn & will be an eye catcher & compliment magnet all rolled into one beautiful 9ct gold serpent with natural ruby eyes.

Beautifully engraved decoration to the serpent’s head & neck reminding us of just how well the English nation produced fine quality decorative art’s & jewellery  ~  with a touch that other nations do not seem to replicate.

This Handsome Vintage English 9ct Gold Stylised Snake Bracelet Amulet Bangle is a standout amongst contemporaries  &  an absolute guaranteed ‘wife pleaser’  to those gent’s  looking for a uniquely special vintage or antique piece that will remind her just why she loves you so much!

Clearly hallmarked to the serpents under head.    This fine English 9ct gold Amulet has it’s origins back in Roman & Egyptian times with many a famous woman throughout the centuries owning & wearing such superb expressive pieces of eye catching jewellery in the form of a serpent amulet.    Cleopatra herself is often depicted with a serpent stylised tiara or head band accompanied with a serpent amulet high on her forearm …………. such a stylish expression is a fine antique serpent amulet!!

Priced to be comparable to far lesser pieces in regards to price   ~   yet miles ahead on quality , beauty , design excellent & of course condition  >>>>>>>>> this cracking Vintage English 9ct Gold Stylised Snake Bracelet Amulet Bangle is guaranteed to please the most fastidious of tastes and please whoever wears this Egyptian ~ Roman style Classic piece of vintage gold jewellery.

If you would like to purchase this exceptional piece or ask any questions prior to purchasing ,  please feel free to email for a same day response.

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